Malika Andrews mom Caren Andrews is a visual artist from California. Caren tied the knot with Mike Andrews on 6 September 1992.

Malika created history by becoming the first woman ever to host the NBA Draft in 2022. Besides her headlining achievements, she was also ESPN's youngest sideline reporter when she debuted on screen at the 2020 NBA Bubble.

Andrews also made it to the 2021 Forbes 30 Under 30 in the sports industry. She is currently among the few ESPN NBA Female Commentators

Having joined ESPN in 2018 as an online NBA writer, she has already attained numerous significant accomplishments at a young age.

Her family's constant support proved helpful in her life and helped her battle depression as a middle schooler.

Malika Has Inspiring Parents

Malika Andrews parents are Mike Andrews and Caren Andrews. She was born as the eldest daughter of the couple on January 27, 1995.

She was into basketball from an early age and grew up as a fan of the Golden State Warriors. Malika has Jewish ancestry through her mother.

Caren Andrews Relishes Artwork

Caren Andrews runs her own art studio in Oakland, California, and organizes art exhibitions in the Bay Area. Caren is also an educator.

Meanwhile, her exhibition reach has reached nationally and internationally, while Caren assures that her collectors hail from around the world.

Caren obtained her bachelor's in Fine Arts from UCLA and a master's degree in Education specializing in Arts Integration from Lesley University.

A young Malika with Caren and Kendra (right photo) at a summer party in 2016.
Source : instagram

Besides creating ephemeral art pieces, Caren also looks over her position as the founding faculty member of the San Francisco Friends School.

Mrs. Andrews has also published several books, including the children's book "Coffee with Cream," in 2008. She is active on Instagram as @candrewsartwork, where she primarily shares her art collections.

Mike Andrews Is A Personal Trainer

Malika Andrews father Mike Andrews is a personal trainer and a fitness enthusiast. He enjoys cycling the most, as seen on his Instagram.

Meanwhile, he is the only person in the Andrews household to stay away from posting on social media and showcasing his private life.

Mike with Caren, Kendra, and Malika (in order from left to right in right photo) in November 2021.
Source : instagram

As Malika went through depression during her middle school days that made her quit her studies in Grade 8, Mike and Caren sent her to a year-round therapeutic boarding school in Utah.

Though the three struggled with the distance, Malika made a comeback in life and studied hard than before. Since then, the bond between the Andrews has grown stronger than ever.

Malika Andrews Siblings

Malika has a younger sister named Kendra Andrews. Kendra was born on June 8, 1997, the kinsfolk have two years age difference.

Both of them were raised in Oakland, California. Kendra and Malika shared the same preferences, from their choice of clothing to careers.

Kendra Is Also NBA Reporter for ESPN

Malika Andrews sister Kendra went to Head-Royce School and later graduated from Gonzaga University with a journalism degree in 2019. 

She then joined The Athletic as a Denver Nuggets Beat Writer in June 2019 and worked there till January 2021. 

Her LinkedIn confirms that the youngest Andrews joined NBA Sports as a Warriors reporter in 2021 and left her position in March 2022. As of January 2022, she has been dedicated to ESPN as an NBA reporter.

Kendra and Malika (left photo) during their pre-Thanksgiving reporting in the Bay in 2022.
Source : instagram

The two siblings took over the NBA fandom by storm in May 2022 when Malika confronted her little sister saying she had worn her watch during a live on-air NBA reporting session.

The awkward yet playful segment soon became a meme as the basketball fans got to know the closeness between them.

Kendra later clarified that Malika had gifted her the watch in a tweet. The audience has since become fond of their friendly banter on screen.

Besides her strong going reporting career, Kendra is also a devoted woman to her partner. She introduced her boyfriend in a December 2019 Instagram post but has refrained from revealing his name and whereabouts.

Malika Andrews Once Wore A Ring To A Game

The big diamond ring of Malika seen in a photo posted on Instagram in December 2022 grabbed massive attention from the netizens.

Unlike her previous and regular silver rings, the diamond cut appeared more like an engagement ring.

However, the ESPN reporter has not affirmed her relationship status to date. Meanwhile, she has spoken about living with her boyfriend in New York City during the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020. 

Malika is often seen wearing rings on both her hands during work.
Source : instagram

As of 2021, she has been living in Los Angeles, where she hosts NBA Today on ESPN. Hence, the 28-year-old is rather focused on her career than publically speaking about her personal life.

Likewise, she continues to wear fashion jewelry as a part of her daily glamour routine. She shares this trait with her younger sister, as Kendra, too, is fond of fashion jewelry and often promotes brands on social media.

She recently interviewed Steph Curry after the match as Golden State Warriors tied the series 2-2 in round one of NBA Playoffs 2023.