Lautaro Martinez has been in a relationship with Argentine model Agustina Gandolfo. Agustina is an Instagram star and a lifestyle blogger.

Since the striker's summer 2018 transfer to Inter Milan, Martinez has seen Argentine model Augustina Gandolfo. She usually makes an appearance at Inter games to support Lautaro Martinez. The two are having a great time together and have many shared priorities. They will probably get along for the rest of their lives because they have been together since 2018.

Lautaro Martinez Girlfriend Agustina Gandolfo

Agustina Gandolfo, an Argentine model and social media influencer, posted a photo of herself with striker Lautaro Martinez on October 17, 2018, on Instagram.

After the striker's summer 2018 transfer to Inter Milan, the couple entered a relationship. Agustina posted her picture, marking a relationship with Martinez for the first time. They were on a dinner date for the very first time in Milan. Many of Gandolfo's friends were asking for confirmation if it was accurate in the comment section of the photo posted, which was unbelievable for many of them.

Agustina was born in November, precisely on November 6, 1994. She enjoys having birthday parties and usually spends the day with family and friends. Augustine never declines a workout, and she becomes enthused when resistance training with weights is included. She is the kind of lady prepared to fight by combining that with a tight diet.

Agustina is forced to choose her diet and workout regimen because she works as a professional model and enjoys being in the spotlight. She has always been this way, and her flourishing modeling career is a result of her decisions. She is also well-known on Instagram, where she updates her followers on everything happening in her life.

After the striker's summer 2018 transfer to Inter Milan, the couple entered a relationship.
Source : instagram

For Lautaro, being with Agustina must be attractive. She is pretty talkative and keeps him on her toes. She is a popular girl who balances her work and personal life. She relishes a challenge and has no fear of anything, not even being a mother. They have been sharing photos recently in the Fifa World Cup 2022, sharing the space with their daughter.

The couple has been seeing each other right away ever since they first met, and since 2018, they have been exploring the globe and creating memories. They choose to spend their time relaxing on beaches rather than traveling to the top cities in the world, like Miami, Thailand, and New York. The pair frequently recalled happy times together. 

When Martinez is not engaged in training, his girlfriend frequently chooses to remain in Milan, and the two go to dinner there. They also have a dog living in their home as a part of the family. In her apartment in Italy, Agustina can be seen practicing yoga and going to the gym. The couples primarily use jets to go to various locations across the globe.

Lautaro Martinez Partner Shares A Daughter

Since it has been a long time since Argentine model Agustina Gandolfo and Striker Lautaro Martinez have been in a relationship; they have been blessed with a cute little daughter Nina Martinez.

Martinez and Agustina got to know one another through Mauro Icardi's spouse, an old Inter Milan teammate. Martinez was introduced to Agustina through Icardi's wife, Wanda Nara. At the moment, Mauro represents PSG.

Following the birth of their daughter Nina in 2021, the couple appears content. With Nina just over a year old, the pair might be concerned about raising her daughter correctly. The couple sent an Instagram message to announce the birth of their daughter.

Argentine model Agustina Gandolfo and Striker Lautaro Martinez have been blessed with a cute little daughter Nina Martinez.
Source : instagram

Her parents share images of her on social media, primarily on Instagram, where she may be seen having fun. Similarly, Martinez travels when he has free time with his spouse and infant. The couple and their daughter are frequently spotted visiting captivating beaches.

Recently, Martinez and his wife have captured some mesmerizing photos of them with their daughter in Doha, Qatar.

Timeline Of Events In Their Dating Life

Lautaro and Augustine posted their first photo together as they went on a date night. The pair were seen dining together in a restaurant in Milan, Italy.

They began living together after a brief courtship, and Augustine never stopped sharing pictures of her beloved. In addition to introducing her to his friends and family, Lautaro started taking her place. On November 7, 2018, Lautaro and his friends saw her with some mutual friends. Together, they were eating dinner. She traveled to Milan, Italy, with her friends and boyfriend on her birthday.

Agustina went to celebrate her birthday in November 7,2018 with her boyfriend and other friends in Milan, Italy.
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Later after her birthday, Agustina was there to hoot for Lautaro's game in Estadio Mario Alberto Kempes stadium, located on the northeastern edge of Cordoba.

Agustina always tries to visit Lautaro while he is playing in the field, she goes to the ground to cheer for her boyfriend.
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After that day of his game, Lautaro and Agustina shared some personal space where Agustina captured a photo of them together and expressed relief after hugging the player. They were pictured together in Cordoba, Argentina, where they can be seen sharing their own space.

Lautaro and Agustina sharing there personal space in a hotel in Argentina.
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They already began to stay together after a few months of being in a relationship; they celebrated Christmas, adopted a dog, and started traveling all these years. The bond they have made is terrific. They mostly spend their time in the garden they have on their balcony.

The couple mostly enjoy their time in an artificial garden which is in their apartment in Milan, Italy.
Source : instagram

As a professional player, Lautaro always shares his thoughts to inspire, and Agustina never hesitates to show what she has gained. As a social media influencer, she always posts on her Instagram about her daily routine.