Joshua Jackson wife Rena Haley is a registered pediatric nurse from Greenville. Joshua married Rena on April 15, 2023 at Kiawah Island Golf Resort.

Jackson is an American football player who played for Clemson Tigers before graduating from the university in 2021.

Meanwhile, Rena has a political background since she is the daughter of a former South Carolina Representative Nikki Haley. Nikki congratulated Joshua and Rena on their cherished wedding via Twitter.

Jackson, born November 11, 1997, played as a wide receiver in NCCA tournaments with the Tigers from 2017 to 2021. Upon graduation, the 25-year-dol switched to become an educator and football coach.

Joshua is 6 feet and 1 inch in height, and he attended Christ Church Episcopal School in Greenville before enrolling at Clemson University, where he played beside Braden Galloway.

Joshua Jackson Rena Haley Wedding

Joshua Jackson Rena Haley wedding took place on April 15, 2023. Jackson exchanged vows with her fiance Rena in Charleston, South Carolina.

The two romantic souls pledged their love in a grand and opulent outdoor ceremony held at Kiawah Island Golf Resort on the Charleston coast.

Rena in a long white attire and Joshua adorned navy tuxedo for their big day
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Rena Haley husband Joshua is seen in a navy tuxedo with a white shirt. Likewise, the bride looked breathtakingly gorgeous in her gown featuring a mermaid outline with a plunging neckline. 

The Jacksons took to their Instagram account to share pictures of their "most perfect day." The wedding photos were stunning, capturing every subtle detail and emotion from their enchanting celebration.

Much like the marriage's organic theme, the three-tiered cake was decorated with a dense flora design on its side, and the bottom layer was coated in a gleaming black finish.

Nikki Haley Steal The Show

Joshua Jackson mother-in-law, Nikki Haley was seen sporting a graceful cream one-shoulder dress highlighted with artistic draping cascading along one side.

In addition, the Clemson Tigers mascot also made it to the wedding, making a special appearance to honor the couple's alma mater. The reception concluded with the newlyweds leaving in a vintage white Cadillac.

Nikki and Michael give blessings to Rena and Joshua
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Joshua and Rena, who both attended Clemson University, got engaged in July after being together for three and a half years.

While Rena's mother is amidst her campaign for the Republican presidential nomination, she and her family have thoroughly arranged the wedding preparations. Nikki halted the election campaign for her daughter's wedding for a few days. 

Joshua and Rena Met At Clemson

Joshua and Rena met at Clemson University in 2018. Rena majored in nursing, while Joshua earned a bachelor's degree in elementary education and teaching.

After their first meeting, the college sweethearts officially began their relationship on December 2, 2018. Haley posted a first-anniversary post in 2019 with memories they made during their first year of dating.

Joshua and Rena started dating in December 2018
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Through an Instagram post, she thanked him for being a constant source of light and blessing in her life. Haley also appreciated Jackson's small gestures of kindness, like sharing food, watching her favorite shows, and being there for her when she needed help. 

Ig Official In January 2019

Rena shared their very first picture on the internet in January 2019. She posed with her boyfriend Joshua at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, California.

She was among the crowd to attend the final of the 2018 National Championship, which Clemson won against Alabama. After the final whistle, Rena rushed to the ground and hugged and kissed Joshua for his remarkable achievement. 

Rena pose with Joshua after he won the 2018 National championship
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"My National Champion," she penned a message conveying her overwhelming sentiment of pride on her Instagram.

New York Date July 2019

Rena took Joshua on a date to New York City in July 2019. They enjoyed the city's refreshing greenery and several other beautiful places.

Because of her mom, Rena has been to New York quite a lot, and thus she knows the way around.

Rena took Joshua on a date to New York in July 2019
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The two celebrated the 4th of July by heading into a local cafeteria and devouring a Black Tap Sour Power milkshake, as shown in the picture. For dinner, Serra Florida was their favorite place to hang out.

Clemson Graduation May 2021

Joshua and Rena, who initially met during their studies at Clemson University, graduated with their academic degrees in May 2021.

Joshua and Rena on their graduation day in May 2021
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She dropped photographs from their graduation day, where both were sporting graduation caps and gowns, waving their hand in the air like they had conquered something, which they did.

Rena's Birthday Celebration in June 2020

The high school football coach Joshua wished Rena, who turned 22 in June 2020. Amid the Covid lockdown, the two had a small celebration at home.

He took to Instagram and shared several photos of the pair, accompanied by a touching message of love and gratitude.

Joshua Jackson Rena Haley Engagement July 2022

Joshua and Rena got engaged on July 25, 2022. In South Carolina Botanical Garden, Joshua surprised Rena out of nowhere by going down on one knee and popping the ring out of his pocket.

Rena was in complete disbelief and took her time to process everything and eventually nodded and said, "Yes."

Joshua and Rena posed on their glorious day flaunting the ring in July 2022
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She wasted no time sharing glimpses from her best day on Instagram for her followers to see. Rena beamed as she posed for a snapshot, flaunting the engagement ring.

Trip To Mexico January 2023

On their first adventure of 2023, Ren and Joshua set out for a tour of Mexico. The two traveled to several beautiful locations in the country along with their families. 

Rena and Joshua visit Chichen Itza in January 2023 during their Mexico trip
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A heavenly cave pond in Selva Maya, Valladolid, known as  Cenote Saamal, is one of the first places they visited. Rena and Joshua had a great time swimming in the sinkhole.

Then they traveled to one of the monolithic gifts from the ancient world, the famous Chichen Itza in Yucatan.

Nikki Haley Son In Law Is From Greenville

Nikki Haley son in law Joshua is from Greenville South Carolina. Joshua currently works as a high school football coach and math teacher. 

Throughout his upbringing, Joshua Jackson, had the unwavering presence of his mother Janice Jackson, as he was her only child. 

His Instagram is abundant with images of his mom Janice, but there is no trace of the other half of what makes up his parents, his father. Jackson's dad is not in the picture, nor does he have any siblings. 

On the other hand, Janice is a frequent social media user, with most of her posts comprising pictures featuring quotes about life and happiness.

Joshua celebrates Janice's birthday in May 2022
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Meanwhile, Joshua also acknowledges Rena's family as his own. The former Clemson football star stood with Haley, Nikki, and Michael in February 2023 as Nikki announced her presidential candidacy in Charleston.

Delving into Rena's parents, Nikki and Michael Haley are both esteemed national figures. Nikki held the honorable office of Governor of South Carolina from 2011 to 2017 and later served as the US Ambassador to the UN during the Trump administration.

Similarly, Rena's dad Michael is a South Carolina Army National Guard officer deployed to Afghanistan in 2012. During his mission, he helped local farmers with modern agriculture approaches to reduce or eradicate opium farms.