Jose Mourinho wife Matilde Faria is a Portuguese humanitarian working in relief programs. Jose married Matilde in 1989.

Mourinho is a professional and successful football manager and former player in the Portuguese League.

The former midfielder is now the head coach of an Italian Serie A club Roma.

Before joining the Italian club Roma, the footballer also worked for many well-established clubs like Chelsa, Real Madrid, Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur, Inter Milan, and other three more.

The Guinness World Record holder of the youngest manager to reach 100 champion league games has been married to his lady love for over three decades.

The couple is blessed with two children. 

Jose Mourinho Wife is Matilde Faria

Coach Mourinho with his ladylove in his early days.
Coach Mourinho with his ladylove in his early days. ( Source : pinterest )

Jose Mourinho is married to his childhood sweetheart Matilde Faria.

Matilde was born on 14 August 1963 in Angola (the then Portuguese Angola before claiming its independence) as Matilde "Tami" Faria. Her family moved to Setubal, Portugal, after completing their humanitarian work in Angola, where she was raised after.

Faria met her husband in Setubal when she was still a teenager. They were living near each other in Setubal which added a plus point to their relationship.

The couple dated for a few years before getting wedded in 1989.

The ladylove of a successful manager is the cancer fighter. She was diagnosed with cancer and took the medicine for it.

However, Faria was again rushed to the hospital in December 2016 due to some complications in her health. She went through an emergency operation which came out to be successful.

Matilde Faria is a Philanthropist

The Portuguese philanthropist is a cancer survivor.
The Portuguese philanthropist is a cancer survivor. ( Source : instagram )

Maria Faria is a Humanitarian and philanthropist like her parents.

Tami has been working with her husband to aid needy people from around the globe. She has been traveling with her hubby and also supporting the people for a cause.

The former coach of Chelsa Club has been the Global Ambassador of the United Nations World Food Programme since 2014 and Tami have been supporting her hubby in this great cause through her philanthropy.

Like her better half, she wants to eradicate hunger and food issues from the world. She has been working for relief programs in African Countries.

Jose Mourinho Has Two Children

The Roma Caoch with his family.
The Roma Caoch with his family. ( Source : thesun )

Jose Mourinho and Matilde are the parents of two children. They have a son and a daughter together.

Jose Mario dos Santos Mourinho Felix's daughter Matilde Mourinho Felix was born on 4 November 1996 while his son Jose Mario jr was born on 2 February 2000.

Daughter Matilde Mourinho

Matilde Mourinho Felix is a jewelry designer and owns her own jewelry company, Matilde Jewellery. She produces the Lab Diamond making it environment friendly.

Matilde Mourinho Felix wearing her company's Jewellery collection.
Matilde Mourinho Felix wearing her company's Jewellery collection. ( Source : instagram )

Little lady Mourinho, nicknamed Tita, is an adventurous person who loves to travel a lot. Because of her father's profession, she has lived in different countries like France, England, Italy, and many other countries while growing up.

The businesswoman recently visited Namibia with her mother, brother, and boyfriend Danny Graham. Danny and Matilde have dated each other for a long time.

Daughter Matilde is the prestigious Award winner for Emerging Jewellery Brand of 2021. The Jewellery created by her company is featured on British Vogue Magazine Cover.

Tita is a graduate student of Fashion Designing from the London College of Fashion. She graduated in the year 2018.

Tita mostly credits her achievements to her mother and her boyfriend Danny. She has a close bond with her matriarch rather than her dad.

The junior Matilde is also the loving sister to her brother Jose Mario Jr. They both are often seen accompanying each other on vacations and family time.

Son Jose Mario Jr

Jose Mario Jr. with his mom and sister.
Jose Mario Jr. with his mom and sister. ( Source : instagram )

Jose Mario Junior was a football player during his younger days. He is an aspiring Goalkeeper who dreams of becoming a successful coach like his father.

Jose jr has kept his life private and low key unlike his sister but his family believes that he is an outgoing person.

The young heir is sometimes seen traveling with his family and he also loves to take photos with his sister.