Celtics forward Jayson Tatum girlfriend Ella Mai is a British musical performer. Tatum and Ella were spotted first time in July 2022.

Jayson is an American basketball player for the Boston Celtics in the NBA, while Ella is an award-winning English singer and songwriter. Both are big brands for themselves but together form a celebrity power couple good enough to roll a red carpet.

Jayson Tatum is the backbone of the historical Celtics who are always fighting for the ring. But, he would also like to put a ring on someone one of these days.

Too soon to tell but Tatum and Ella Mai look exactly like a couple one would dream of. The basketball player and the British singer went public at the 4th July party hosted by Michael Rubin as per The New York Post.

Jayson Tatum Girlfriend Ella Mai Relationship

NBA sensation Jayson Tatum and Ella Mai relationship went public in 2022 but Ella and Tatum are yet to be Instagram official.

As per HITC, their relationship gossip started back in October 2020. Then, Tatum was preparing for the third season in the NBA.

During the offseason, Ella Mai was spotted at Tatum's house filming a TikTok video, and the viewers couldn't ignore the white background with wooden window bars. Tatum on the other video had the exact same details; indeed not a coincidence.

Fast forward a year, Ella and Jayson were seen in public together on July 4, 2022. 

Event manager Will Makris uploaded a minute-long star-studded hype video. According to Complex, the party included singers, athletes, actors and businessmen with the likes of Drake, Odell Beckham Jr, Kendall Jenner, Carmel Anthony, James Harden and more.

In the video were Jayson Tatum and Ella Mai. They donned a white dress, a strict code for Michael Rubin's annual Independence day celebration. 

Jayson Tatum and girlfriend Ella Mai were spotted in Michael Rubin 4th of July party.
Source : twitter

Ella waived her hair backward with an orange drink in her hand, while Jayson had glasses on, half sleeves, and gold chains. Both were seen walking toward the luxurious pool on the roof side.

Jayson and Ella have tried keeping their dating life a secret and they undoubtedly succeeded for a year but a profile such high is hard to keep under wraps.

Jayson Tatum is yet to get married and never had a wife before his dating life with Ella.

Jayson Tatum Family life

Power forward Jayson Tatum is a family man out of the basketball court. Tatum has always credited his success to his parents and siblings.

Tatum was a real prospect entering the NBA Draft in 2017 from Duke University. It was one of his most significant moments, and his mom Brandy Cole was there to hug him after being drafted 3rd overall.

Jayson Tatum comes from an athletic family belonging to football and basketball.
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His siblings and father Justin Tatum eagerly awaited the good news at home. With them were his aunt Kristen Tatum and grandmother Rose Mary Johnson.

As soon as he got into the stage to hold that Celtics jersey, Brandy's phone started ringing and there were all the relatives and close friends he had known over the years.

Jayson Tatum Siblings

Jayson Tatum has two siblings, brother Jaycob and sister Kayden Marie Tatum.

All of the Tatum children are somehow involved in athletics and share a close bond mocking each other during Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Jayson Tatum Brother

Jaycob Tatum is the only brother of Celtics forward Jayson. Jaycob is a college footballer and basketball player.

Born on January 27, 2004, Jaycob Tatum is 18 years old and has graduated high school.

Jayson Tatum brother Jaycob Tatum is a high school footballer and basketball player.
Source : instagram

He played outside linebacker for the Christian Brothers College High School football team. Likewise, basketball and hoops are a passion for Tatum.

Following his brother's footsteps, Jaycob is a forward and team captain for the CBCHS basketball team.

Jaycob Tatum has commited to the WIU University to play college Football.
Source : twitter

Jaycob has had many offers but committed to the Western Illinois Leathernecks football for the coming season. The younger Tatum announced through his Twitter.

Jayson Tatum Sister

Kayden Marie Tatum is Jayson Tatum sister and the youngest sibling. She is often referred to as Kay Tatum.

Jayson's dad Justin Tatum has documented her childhood on his Instagram account. 

Jayson sister Kayden Marie Tatum is a third-grade student in 2022.
Source : instagram

Kay Tatum is eight years old in 2022 and was born on April 30, 2014. Kayden is a bright student in school and is currently a third grader. Justin often refers to her as the first Tatum lady.

Jayson Tatum Parents

Jayson Tatum parents are Brandy Cole and Justin Tatum. Born on 3rd March 1998, Jason grew up in St Louis Missouri.

His dad was a huge basketball fan who inspired him to play the game. Growing up, Justin would take him to local parks and courts. 

Jayson Tatum Father

Jayson father Justin Tatum came from a poor family in St Louis where his mother worked hard to provide for the kids. 

Justin is a former basketball coach who was once a state champion. He has been a mentor and educator to many children in high school. Justin runs a camp for youth players with a friendly environment and knowledge of the game.

Jayson father Justin Tatum owns Tatum Nation, a basketball camp and training center.
Source : instagram

Justin Tatum owns the Tatum Nation, a basketball camp and training center. He is also a coach to his grandson, Jayson Christopher Tatum Jr.

Jayson Tatum Mother

Jayson Tatum is closer to his mother Brandy Cole than any other family member. 

Brandy Cole had him on spring break when she was 19 years old. In an interview with Today, she said she was pregnant at 18 and went to give mid-term exams after Jayson was born.

The early days were difficult for her as she had to take care of her son and complete her education. Brandy has four degrees and has always valued schooling and graduation over everything.

Jayson was also sharp during his junior high but he just had an 'It' factor on the basketball court. As a result, Brandy allowed him to focus more on his games than science papers.

Jayson was born to mother Brandy Cole who had him when she was 19 years old.
Source : instagram

Jayson never forgets to wish his mother a happy birthday on April 26 every year. Mother's day is also a special event for him, as captions paint the picture. 

Jayson Tatum Children

Jayson Tatum is a dad to his only child Christopher Tatum Jr. Christopher was born to Jayson and his ex partner Toriah Lachell. 

Before his draft, Jayson Tatum hid the pregnancy of his then girlfriend Toriah. 

The Duke prospect did not want the news to affect his draft profile, as many suspected him of going in the first round. And he did go third overall in the 2017 NBA draft.

Jayson Tatum son Jayson Christopher Tatum Jr.

Jayson Christopher Jr was born on December 6 2017. Cristopher Jr is five years old and already a basketball prospect.

Jayson Tatum son Jayson Christopher Tatum Jr. was born on December 6 2017.
Source : instagram

Jason Jr. is often seen in the Celtics locker room with his dad and the rest of the players. NBA media is also not shy to document his mischief during the Celtics games.

He has been close to the game mentored by his grandfather. Justin likes spending time with his grandson. Besides, Jayson Jr is also a regular face on his social media accounts.

Jayson Christopher Tatum Jr is close to all of dad's teammates and visits Celtics locker room.
Source : instagram

Jayson Christopher Jr always makes appearances on Jayson's Instagram account.