Jared Mccain parents are Jina Mccain and Lance Mccain. Jared is a college basketball player at Duke Blue Devils born in February 2004.

Aside from his NCAA career, the 19-year-old is also a popular figure on social media, widely known for his dancing video on Tiktok. Mccain also has featured his mom Jine in several of his clips. 

He also has an elder brother named Jayce Mccain, who plays Guard at the Cal State Bakersfield Roadrunners. The Mccain siblings are taking the NCAA tournament by storm as they are both making waves with their respective teams. 

The two began playing basketball together at a young age, guided by their father, Lance, a former basketball player. 

Jared committed to play for Duke Blue Devils as a shooting guard in March 2022 under the head coach Jon Scheyer, despite getting offers from several teams like Houston and Louisville. Previously he played for Corona Centennial High School in California.

Jared Mccain Grew Up In Corona

McCain was born in Sacramento, California, on February 20, 2004. He spent his upbringing in Corona alongside his elder sibling. 

Jared grew up in a supportive family environment with Gina, Lance and brother Jayce. 

Jina and Lance raised Jared in Corona, California
Jina and Lance raised Jared in Corona, California ( Source : instagram )

He attended Sacramento Country Day during his elementary school years and sixth grade. However, he later transitioned into being home-schooled. In the summer of 2018, Jared moved to Southern California to attend Above and Beyond Athletics Academy. 

Jared's hard work paid off when he received multiple basketball scholarship offers. However, the "wow" moment came when Duke University offered him a scholarship in November 2021. 

Lance who could not believe it at first described the experience as "surreal." Moreover, his clan is excited to see Jared's potential come to fruition.

Jared Mccain Father

Jared McCain dad Lance McCain is a flight attendant at Southwest Airlines. According to his Linkedin profile, Lance completed his bachelor's degree from a reputed Texas Tech University.

Old photos of Jared and Jayce with Lance in January 2013
Old photos of Jared and Jayce with Lance in January 2013 ( Source : facebook )

Jared has a degree in International Trade and Development Economics.

Moreover, in keeping with the rest of his family, Lance also had the honor of being an athlete, having played college basketball. He had a brief playing career at Midland College with Spud Webb. 

Jared Mccain Mom

Jared's mother Jina McCain is a former collegiate track and field athlete. She graduated from Sacramento State in California.

Before joining the university, Jina also displayed her athletic mettle at Hiram W. Johnson High School, excelling in track and field. However, she did not continue on her sports career after completing college.

Jina celebrates her birthday with Jared in September 2017
Jina celebrates her birthday with Jared in September 2017 ( Source : instagram )

Jina now looks after her son Jared's online apparel store, Vintage Brand. Besides, she has also marked her active presence on social media, frequently posting on her Facebook and Twitter accounts. 

In July 2021, she fell prey to cybercrime when her Facebook account was hacked, rendering her a victim. Nonetheless, after a month-long endeavor, her account was ultimately retrieved.

Jared Mccain Siblings

Jared has an elder sibling named Jayce Mccain. Jayce is a Point Guard at California State University after committing to Cal State-San Marcos.

From the outset, Jared has maintained a competitive spirit in the home playing with his big bro. Ever since he was a toddler, McCain has held his brother in high esteem, with his ultimate goal being to play for Jayce's team.

The Duke Blue Devils star is four years younger than Jayce, who graduated from Folsom High School in 2018.

Jared and Jayce vibing in Times Square New York in August 2022
Jared and Jayce vibing in Times Square New York in August 2022 ( Source : instagram )

Besides, Jayce is a skillful player with remarkable accomplishments in his juvenile career. He is currently a scholar at California State University, majoring in Psychology.

When he is not studying, Jayce enjoys playing and watching basketball and playing video games like NBA 2K and FIFA. He also values spending time with his family and friends.

Despite not vying during his true freshman season in 2018-2019, Jayce made up for the lost time in his redshirt freshman season in 2019-2020.

He played in all 28 games coming from the bench. Jayce logged 879 minutes of playing time, which was the most on the team, scoring double figures in 17 games.

The following season, Jayce continued to improve and solidify his place on the team. He played all 25 games in his redshirt sophomore season in 2021-2022 and led Cal State San Marcos with 824 minutes.

His scoring consistency was also unmistakable, as he attained double figures in 18 games throughout the season.

In addition to his on-court achievements, Jayce has also earned several academic awards. He was recognized with the D2 ADA Academic Achievement Award in 2021 and has been named to the CCAA All-Academic team for three consecutive seasons.

Jayce photoshoot for his team in November 2021
Jayce photoshoot for his team in November 2021 ( Source : instagram )

Jayce was also anointed to the CCAA Winter Academic Honor Roll in 2021 and 2022. 

Furthermore, the 6-foot-2 guard earned a spot on the All-CCAA first team in 2022. Besides, Jayce is a 2024 NBA draft eligible and is expected to have a promising future.

Aside from his professional life, Jayce also spent his fair share of time on social media. He has gained quite a follower on his networking platforms. Though they are insignificant numbers like his Tiktok star brother Jared, Jayce is becoming quite popular online.

On Instagram, his official account has crossed the 12K followers mark; on Twitter, Jayce has 1.4K followers.

Jared Mccain Girlfriend

Jared Mccain and girlfriend Sydney Williams have been dating for two years. The couple began their whirlwind romance in December 2020.

Sydney is a social media influencer from Santa Barbara, California. She has a massive fanbase across all her social media platforms, mainly on TikTok, where she boasts 300.8K followers and 19.4 million likes on her videos. 

Jared and Sydney celebrate their 2nd anniversary in December 2022
Jared and Sydney celebrate their 2nd anniversary in December 2022 ( Source : instagram )

The UC Santa Barbara alum also runs a collective Youtube channel with her beau named Jared & Syd. Besides, the two sweethearts also occasionally feature in her TikTok videos, where they can be seen dancing to a beat or performing some TikTok trends. 

Despite starting their relationship at the end of 2020, Jared and Sydney shared their first picture online only in July 2021 from their trip to Disneyland. Both wore matching white outfits and Nike sneakers as they roamed the theme park enjoying their moment together. 

Later that month, the cute couple headed to Honolulu, Waikiki, Hawaii, to relish their vacation. She uploaded several snapshots from their travel, featuring them enjoying a refreshing swim and admiring a breathtaking sunset while lounging on the beach.

Photo Dump from Jared and Sydney's trip to Disneyland in July 2021
Photo Dump from Jared and Sydney's trip to Disneyland in July 2021 ( Source : instagram )

In December 2021, the duo celebrated their first anniversary by sharing pictures from their year-long expedition on their Instagram account. 

Besides, Sydney supports his career and makes herself available for almost all his games. She can be spotted among the audience cheering and rooting for him throughout the match.