Jared McCain girlfriend Sydney Williams is UC Santa Barbara graduate. Jared started dating her from the Christmas of 2020.

The couple first met while they were both attending Centennial High School. They kept in touch through direct messages and later started their romantic alliance during the quarantine period. Jared expressed his love for Sydney on Christmas Eve in 2020.

The six-foot-2-inches tall McCain went to Sacramento Country Day during his elementary school years and sixth grade. However, he later became home-schooled.

In the summer of 2018, he relocated to Southern California to attend the Above and Beyond Athletics Academy. Likewise, he also played for Corona Centennial High School in California.

Jared decided to join the Duke Blue Devils in March 2022 under the guidance of head coach Jon Scheyer, despite receiving offers from other teams like Houston and Louisville. 

Jared And Sydney Relationship Timeline

Jared made his relationship with Sydney public in August 2021. Jared and Sydney met while attending Centennial High School together. 

However, they had a long-distance tie-up as they lived about three hours apart. Jared was two grades younger than Sydney, and they started talking during the quarantine period when he messaged her on Instagram.

Their bond blossomed in December 2020, when Jared had COVID-19. Sydney used to Facetime him for hours, and they even played Fortnite together as he was homesick.

Furthermore, the couple celebrated their first anniversary on December 25, 2021, by sharing a collection of images that they had taken over the years. 

(Right Bottom) Jared and Sydney's photoshoot for Ryoko Rain
Source : instagram

Sydney and Jared posed for Ryoko Rain's summer collection, sporting matching flower-printed shirts and shorts. They looked stylish and coordinated in the shoot.

In June 2022, Sydney and Jared enjoyed a date night watching a match at State Farm Stadium. 

Sydney is also known for being a supportive partner, and she is often seen cheering for Jared during his basketball matches.

Their First Trip To Disneyland 

Jared and Sydney's trip to Disneyland in July 2021 seemed to be a fun-filled adventure. 

They were spotted wearing matching Nike SB Dunk running shoes paired with Nike socks, creating a trendy and cohesive look.

Jared opted for a t-shirt with a Mickey Mouse print and dashing shorts, while Sydney went for a shiny crop top and denim shorts, which perfectly complemented their matching shoes.

Picture montage of McCain and Williams' trip to Disneyland in August 2022
Source : instagram

The duo seemed to be in high spirits as they enjoyed Disneyland's various attractions and rides. They took a multitude of pictures and posted them on their respective Instagram pages, giving their followers a glimpse into their magical experience. 

From the iconic Sleeping Beauty Castle to the thrilling Space Mountain ride, they made the most of their time at Disneyland.

Jared And Sydney In Waimea Bay Hawaii

Jared and Sydney embarked on a trip to Hawaii in August 2021, where they visited Waimea Bay and Honolulu Waikiki.

While in Waimea Bay, they indulged in various activities such as snuggling at the beach, swimming, and simply relishing their time together.

They were able to bask in the natural beauty of the location, which is known for its crystal-clear waters and stunning sandy beach.

McCain and Williams in Honolulu Wakiki--Hawaii in August 2021
Source : instagram

In Honolulu Waikiki, the couple continued their adventure, enjoying the beautiful beaches and soaking up the sun. On top of that, they also explored the vibrant culture and history of the city as well, which is known for its incredible food, shopping, and nightlife.

McCain And Williams Attended Prom

Sydney shared a picture of herself and Jared attending prom on her Instagram page on April 20, 2022.

She also featured the event in a highlighted block on her profile, showcasing all the images of her and her boyfriend's time together over the years.

Jared and Sydney in orange attire while attending prom in April 2022
Source : instagram

One of the pictures in the block featured the couple coordinating their outfits and slaying the color orange. Sydney wore a deep-cut, backless, side-slit orange dress, while Jared sported a tuxedo with an orange bow tie and pocket square to match Sydney's dress.

They looked stunning and elegant together, clearly enjoying each other's company on such a special occasion.

Sydney Williams Is A Social Media Influencer

Sydney is a YouTuber and social media influencer from Santa Barbara, California. 

She began her YouTube channel in December 2014 and uploaded an introduction video titled "Get to know me by answering your questions." In the video, she shared more about herself and answers some of her fans' questions.

She attended UC Santa Barbara, where she graduated with a major in political science and a minor in education. During high school, she achieved a 4.6 GPA. Sydney always had a passion for teaching and dreamed of becoming a teacher. However, she ended up pursuing a career in law.

(Left) Sydney donning UCSB's shirt on her graduation day in 2021
Source : instagram

Sydney's father is a football coach at Centennial High School, which likely impacted her love for sports.

Willaims has a massive fan following across all her social media platforms, but mainly on TikTok, with over 302.7K followers and 19.8 million likes on her videos. 

In addition, she runs a YouTube channel with her boyfriend, Jared, and the two occasionally feature in each other's social media posts. They are sometimes seen dancing or performing TikTok trends together.

Jared McCain Age Difference With Sydney

Jared and Sydney are only one year and a day apart in age. Jared McCain was born on 21st February 2004 to parents Jina Mccain and Lance Mccain

Similarly, in a birthday wish post, Sydney revealed that she was born on February 20, 2003.

She talked about her and Jared McCain's age difference in her introduction video posted in November 2022.

Jared celebrating Sydney's birthday on February 20, 2023
Source : instagram

Regarding their heights, Sydney appears to be an average height of 5'5" while Jared is taller at 6'2".

In the YouTube video, Sydney also mentioned how close she is to Jared's parents, even though she met them separately, as his dad is a flight attendant who travels frequently.