Janine Beckie has a partner Ethan Sonis who is a soccer coach. He is inspiring a new generation of young athletes as a coach in South Florida.

Ethan has also played soccer professionally for many different clubs and countries.

His partner Janine Beckie is also a soccer player. She plays soccer for the Canadian national team and Portland Thorns FC of the National Women's Soccer League.

In 2015, she was named Player of the Year by Dallas Soccer News. She had previously played for Manchester City, Houston Dash, and Sky Blue FC. 

Beckie has played for Canada's senior and under-20 national teams. She helped her team move to the knockout round of the FIFA U-20 Women's World Cup by scoring a game-winning goal against North Korea.

Who Is Janine Beckie Partner Ethan Sonis?

Ethan Sonis is a soccer coach at SAT soccer based in Miami. He had a passion for motivating youngsters and is helping a new generation of players to succeed.

Ethan Sonis started his soccer career at the age of 3. He have played in multiple countries and multiple teams.
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Ethan began playing soccer at the age of three years old. He had the chance to play professionally, and at the age 15, he left home to play in Dallas with the top youth program.  

He began playing in Germany before joining the American National Youth Team. He also played for the Manassas Scorpions in Northern Virginia before moving on to PWSI.

Ethan played with Juventus/Cisco/Pachuca from Arizona, Legends in California, Banat, and Sereno. After returning to South Florida, he played for the West Pine United and the Miami Springs Eagles.

Ethan Started His Training Business 'SAT Soccer' In 2019

Ethan has had a promising career and is currently focusing on coaching young soccer players. He has shared his leanings with his players at SAT SOCCER and incorporated them throughout his career.

Ethan Sonis established SAT Soccer training business to help next generation of players.
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Sonis began working with a few youngsters and giving them advice on how to get better at their sport.

Most players attend his training camp in Miami during the offseason. He and his team travel around the nation to reach the players that need their training.

Inside Janine And Ethan Relationship

Janine Beckie and Ethan Sonis look adorable together. Janine is open about her relationship and often shared pictures of her partner on her Instagram account.

She first uploaded a picture of her and Ethan Sonis on January 26, 2022, with the caption "Let me tell you bout my circle."

Janine Beckie first uploaded picture with her parter on January 6, 2022.
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They both were seen happy and enjoying each other's company. Also, they were spending their happy moments with their friend as seen in the picture shared by Janine on her Instagram account on January 26, 2022.

Ethan on the other hand has kept his Instagram account private. Ethan relocated to Portland with Janine to support her profession; he is a very loyal boyfriend who has always been there for Janine.

Age Difference Between Janine And Ethan

There is one year age difference between Janine Beckie and Ethan Sonis.

Janine and her partner Ethan Sonis has one year of age gap.
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Janine is 28 years old, born on  August 20, 1994, in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, United States, and Ethan is 27 years old born on November 9, 1995, in Coral Springs, Florida.

Janine holds a dual citizen of Canada and the United States and Ethan holds a citizen of the United States.

Ethan Sonis is 6 feet tall and his partner Janine Beckie is 5 feet 8 inch tall.

Janine Beckie And Ethan Sonis Relationship Timeline

Janine Beckie revealed her relationship with Ethan Sonis through her Instagram account.

On January 16, 2022, she posted her very first photo of herself with Ethan on her Instagram account. 

They celebrated their time together on Valentine's Day. On January 14, 2022, Janine posted a photo of her and Ethan with the caption "My One," in which they were seen celebrating their special day.

Janine Beckie and Ethan Sonis celebrated their Valentine's day.
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Ethan is seen celebrating Janine's victory as she wins the Conti Cup Championships. On March 7, 2022, Janine uploaded pictures with the caption "Winning is sweetest with them by my side."

Ethan Sonis celebrate victory of her partner as she wins Conti Cup champions.
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Ethan and Janine have always been each other's supporters and always have been blessed to be together. They enjoy time together and frequently travel to new places.

They went on a date night on May 30, 2022, and the couple looked beautiful. Janine and Ethan both wore the same outfit, with Janine looking lovely in jeans, a leather jacket, and a white T-shirt, and Ethan wearing jeans and a white T-shirt.

Ethan and Janine spend time together and frequently travels new places.
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On November 9, 2022, Janine wished her partner Ethan Happy Birthday through her Instagram account. She posted a photo of the couple enjoying a boat ride, spending time together, and a few posed pictures of Ethan for his birthday.