Ichiro Suzuki wife Yumiko Fukushima is a Japanese confectionery writer. Ichiro Suzuki is a former professional baseball outfielder.

Yumiko Fukushima was born in Matsue. She is a former TBS TV sports announcer, whereas her husband retired from professional baseball in March 2019. Her husband started his career with the Nippon Professional Baseball team Orix BlueWave in 1992 and later transferred to the Seattle Mariners of Major League Baseball in 2001.

Ichiro was born on 22 October 1973 in Nishikasugai-gun, Aichi Prefecture, Japan, and he is 49 years old as of 2022.

His father was his coach during his childhood when he joined his first baseball team. Suzuki used to throw fifty pitches and hit five hundred pitches thrown by his father and machine simultaneously.

Ichiro Suzuki Wife

Ichiro Suzuki wife name is Yumiko Fukushima. Ichiro and Yumiko married in Santa Monica, California, on December 3, 1999.

They did a press conference after their wedding at a hotel on December 5, 1999, in Kobe, Hyogo, Japan, to brief their fans and media.

The couple had their first meeting through baseball. She was employed as a sports reporter for the Tokyo Broadcasting system, according to a book by Robert Whiting in 2004.

Yumiko gave up her reporting job to move to the United States with her partner when he signed a deal with the Seattle Mariners of Major League Basketball in 2001.

Yumiko instagram profile and screenshot
Yumiko instagram profile and screenshot ( Source : instagram )

She currently works as a confectionary writer and posts about her writings on her blog at omotewashi. She writes about authentic Japanese sweet dishes and encourages people to learn and taste sweet delight. 

She recently wrote about Tachibana sweet and encouraged people to visit the shop to taste this perfectly round Japanese sweet. After their marriage, the couple lived in different places throughout Ichiro’s baseball career.

They lived in Miami Beach, Greenwich, Connecticut, and Washington State. The couple has adopted a dog named Ikkyu. They named the dog by combining the first character of their names. 

Yumiko has many more confectionery made by her posted on her own Insta Post
Yumiko has many more confectionery made by her posted on her own Insta Post ( Source : instagram )

Fukushima was fluent in English before arriving in the United States. However, she followed the tradition of a typical Japanese wife and walked three steps behind Ichiro after the wedding ceremonies. She was following the footsteps of a typical-minded Japanese wife and showed a respectful gesture to her husband.

Ichiro Suzuki and Yumiko Fukushima Began Dating In 1997

Ichiro Suzuki and Yumiko Fukushima began their relationship journey in 1997. Suzuki mentioned that their relationship was normal as they were accustomed to media attention.

The couple got engaged one year after starting their relationship in the fall of 1998. However, it is reported that Yumiko was previously engaged to another Japanese baseball player before meeting Suzuki. According to ‘The Meaning of Ichiro’, Fukushima’s ex-fiance played in the Central League whereas Suzuki played in the Pacific League.

Ichiro Suzuki and Yumiko with their family pet dog
Ichiro Suzuki and Yumiko with their family pet dog ( Source : twitter )

Ichiro and Suzuki were recently seen during his Induction into the Mariners Hall of Fame before the game between Cleveland Guardians and the Seattle Mariners at T-Mobile Park on August 27, 2022. They also watched a basketball game together on November 4, 2012.

Suzuki and Yumiko almost did not get to be with each other after it was revealed that Suzuki was having an affair with a married woman after their engagement.

The information came out after the married woman’s spouse got to know about their relationship. Suzuki said that he did not know the woman was married and paid a consolation prize to the woman. He said in an interview that he and Yumiko had a talk about the incident and she was positive about it.

Suzuki and Fukushima were frequently seen attending different events together. For instance, they took part in the Major League Baseball All-Sar Game Red Carpet Parade on July 14, 2009 in St Louis, Missouri.

Ichiro Suzuki And Yumiko Fukushima Daughter Got Married In 2016

Yumiko Fukushima attending her daughteer wedding reception
Yumiko Fukushima attending her daughteer wedding reception ( Source : instagram )

Ichiro Suzuki and Yumiko Fukushima’s daughter got married on September 2022. Yumiko posted a picture on her Instagram account on the occasion of her daughter’s wedding reception.

Yumiko mentioned that her daughter asked her to put on a beautiful Japanese dress called Okayama and her daughter did her hair too. She mentioned that her daughter asked her to keep wearing the Okayama.