Gio Urshela wife Danna Delgado is a social commentator. Baseball player Urshela and Delgado got married on 21 November 2021.

Gio plays for the Los Angeles Angels of Major League Baseball and has previously contributed to reputed MLS teams such as Toronto Blue Jays, Cleveland Indians, New York Yankees, and Minnesota Twins.

Urshela began his professional Major League Baseball journey in 2015 with Cleveland Indians. He has also played international games for the Colombian National Baseball team in the World Baseball Classic qualifiers before the 2013 MLS season.

However, he could not take the team to victory and lost to Panama. But Urshela and the Colombian Baseball team qualified for the 2017 World Baseball Classic and he made fourteen appearances during the tournament.

Gio Urshela Wife Danna

Gio Urshela is living a happy life with his wife Danna Delgado. Urshela and Delgado are parenting a beautiful daughter together.

Gio Urshela Married Life

Gio Urshela and his long time girlfriend Danna Delgado tied the knot in 2021.

Urshela posted a beautiful picture of him and his bride on their wedding day.

He captioned the post as ‘Oficialmente Mr. & Mrs Urshela which means officially Mr and Mrs Urshela. He held her partner in his arms and raised a toast for an eternity of happiness, support and trust.

Gio and Danna holding their daughter during her baptism
Gio and Danna holding their daughter during her baptism ( Source : instagram )

The happy couple announced their pregnancy on February 2022 by showing the entire world a sonogram of their daughter.

Gio and Delgado became parents of a baby girl in 2022 and Urshela posted a beautiful TikTok video of his daughter named Gianna Urshela Delgado.

Gianna had her Baptism on December 14, 2022, and the ceremony was filled with Urshela and Delgado family to bless the newborn child.

Who Is Danna Delgado?

Danna Delgado is the loving spouse of Colombian professional baseball player Giovanny Urshela Salcedo.

Gio Urshela and Danna Delgado on their wedding night
Gio Urshela and Danna Delgado on their wedding night ( Source : instagram )

Delgado is a Social Communicator and Journalist according to her Twitter account. 

She is also active on Instagram with over 44.4k followers. However, the account is kept private by Delgado which proves that she is a very discreet person.

Gio Urshela Family Life

Gio Urshela was born on October 11 1991 in Cartagena Colombia. 

Alvaro and Uldy Urshela attending their granddaughter's baptism
Alvaro and Uldy Urshela attending their granddaughter's baptism ( Source : instagram )

Gio’s parents names are Alvaro Urshela and Uldy Urshela. They live in Colombia.

Gio got the coronavirus when he lived with his parents in his Colombia house in 2020. 

Fortunately, Alvaro and Uldy were both safe. Gio frequently spends time with his parents and even takes them out to clubs and dinner with his partner Delgado.

Similarly, Gio also has a brother who takes care of his merchandise. He is private on social media but has advertised his brother’s merchandise on his Instagram bio. Gio posted a childhood picture of him and his brother on his Instagram on July 26, 2018, where they looked adorable.

Gio Urshela spending time with his sons
Gio Urshela spending time with his sons ( Source : instagram )

Furthermore, Gio has not one but three children. Two sons from his previous girlfriend. Their names are Thiago and Seba. He frequently posts pictures with his two sons and takes them on vacations. He also spends quality time with his cousins and posts about his meeting on social media.