George Kittle and his wife, Claire Kittle, have dated since their freshmen college years. Kittle and Claire Colette married in April 2019.  

Claire attended the University of Iowa and was an athlete like George. She played for the Iowa Hawkeyes women's basketball team and averaged 1.5 points per match. She has also been active in the fitness industry, as she was a fitness model and still runs Claire Till Fitness.

Today, Claire supports her 29-year-old husband in his NFL games. She also works as a blogger with her own blog site 'Letter Set Go.'

George and his wife's relationship has undoubtedly been engaging. Let's see their relationship timeline and fun moments starting from their romantic beginning at college. 

George Kittle And Claire Colette Met In College

George Kittle met his wife when she was going for her basketball training in 2012
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The couple first met on chance when Claire was going to her basketball training session in 2012. 

A particular moment bound them together: George stopped by to say 'Nice Helmet' for the pink helmet that she wore while riding her moped. This compliment eventually sparked a conversational aura around them. Sometimes you have to wonder how a small chance meeting can change people's lives!

Both were athletes, and Claire liked American football due to her family's love for it, so they shared many commonalities. After their first meeting, they eventually started talking more and became fast friends. 

Their friendship then converted into developing feelings for each other, and they started dating soon after. 

George's Prank Turned Into A Proposal

George used his team's resources to turn his fake photoshoot prank into a marriage proposal
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In 2018, the 49ers kickback developed an excellent idea for the proposal by pranking his eventual wife on a fake photoshoot. The 49ers' tight end shared his amusing tale in an interview with 97.5 The Game. He told how he persuaded Claire about a fake photoshoot the 49ers were doing for all the player couples to place them on the team's website. 

When both of them reached the prank location, i.e., the Santa Cruz beach, along with the photographers and videographers of the 49ers.

Claire was surprised when they were posing for the photos one moment, and the next moment, he was asking her hand for marriage.

George talked about how he felt good after capturing his proposal on cameras, and it was a sight to behold. The moment turned even more joyous when Claire accepted. 

Inside George Kittle And Claire Colette Wedding 

George and Claire married on April 2019 at a private ceremony filled with family and close friends
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George finally married Claire on April 2019 after eloping with her before the scheduled date of March 27, 2020. 

Even though they eloped, the wedding occurred in a small private ceremony with close friends and family involved at a particular Iowa Jewelry Store. George's father, Bruce, was there to perform the wedding ceremony. 

His wife posted various beautiful wedding photos in her Instagram post on April 13, 2019, and shared her love and happiness on getting married to George. She also mentioned that she wasn't pregnant, so we can safely say they don't have a child yet. 

George wore grey checkered pants, black dress shoes, and a white dress shirt as his wedding attire. His wife wore all white: a stunning jumpsuit, heels, and a perfectly tailored blazer. George also shared these photos on his Instagram and talked about his joy of finally marrying his best friend. 

George had also decided to get a tattoo of his alter ego, Heath Ledger's Joker, just before his wedding. Claire hated this; however, she agreed once he explained its meanings. Geroge went through the marriage with tattoo wrappings around his full-sleeve shirt. 

Backyard Wedding in 2021

George and Claire also celebrated their marriage on March 2021 in their own property in Nashville
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On March 2021, the couple decided to celebrate the original wedding date at their new home's backyard in Nashville. 

Kasey Schaffer Events planned out this celebration, and it was filled with 32 invited people. George's father was there to perform the ceremony.

Claire shared her wedding celebration on Instagram. George was wearing a classic black and white combo tuxedo, and Claire wore a wedding gown with nature and their property in the background. Both were seen sharing intimate moments. 

For Kittle, Family Comes First

The couple visited Ireland on June 2022 along with 49ers fullback Kyle Juszczyk and his wife
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George has become a family man now, since he has been dedicated to his wife for more than 10 years, which is a long time.

As a family man, George has been gone on many vacations with his wife and took part in social programs.

They were seen together in Ireland's city of Limerick, on March 22, in front of the Adare Manor Hotel. George's teammate, Kyle Juszczyk, and his wife were also present on this trip. 

They were seen together on April 20 promoting the Athletes for Animals and Purina Pro Plan to help animals and make people aware of responsible pet ownership. 

On June 29, 2022, his wife posted of them on a trip to watch the 2022 NASCAR Cup in Nashville. They wore casual clothes, and the beautiful NASCAR stadium was in the background. 

They were also seen on vacation on Punta De Mita beach in Mexico on July 4. Both were flaunting their summer dresses and enjoying the waters and the bright sunny day with their friends. 

Both George and his wife have been blessed to have each other. The 49ers kick back and the fitness model and businesswoman make a power couple in the NFL and sports community.