Funniest college mascots are Sam the Minuteman, Brutus Buckeye, Big Red and Oski the Bear. Oski represents the California Golden Bears.

These talismans give a new level of charm, personality, and excitement to the world of NCAA. From the funniest and weirdest to the worst and coolest, these avatars captivate audiences and reflect the values of the groups they represent.

They have a talent for making people laugh whilst making a memorable impact with their strange appearance and energetic personality.

Whether it's a fruit that dance or an animal with a big head, they never fail to bring out smiles in the audience and boost the environment. 

There are a few amulets in the US ranked as the worst college mascots such as the Stanford Tree, Sammy the Slug, and Fighting Pickle. 

Some of the creepiest college mascots are:

  • Purdue Pete
  • Sparky the Sun Devil
  • Stanford Tree
  • Tusk
  • Pistol Pete
  • Big Red

Brutus Buckeye - Ohio State University

Brutus Buckeye made his debut in 1965. The Ohio State emblem attends several activities and frequently makes appearances in Columbus.

Brutus is dressed in red slacks with an Ohio State towel hanging over the front, a Buckeye head and block O cap, and a scarlet and grey shirt. 

Buckeye wearing Ohio State printed T-shirt holding hockey stick .
Source : instagram

Brutus is eminent as one of the weird college mascots. In advertising for ESPN, This Is SportsCenter, Buckeye was seen enjoying lunch and exercising with Richard Simmons. 

Brutus was one of the 12 candidates for the Capital One National Mascot of the Year award during the 2002–2003 NCAA football season. 

Oski the Bear - University of California

Oski the Bear made his debut as a freshman rally in the Greek Theatre in 1941. The entertaining talisman performs for the California team.

Since his debut, Oski's activities have been controlled by the Oski Committee, which also names a new Oski whenever a replacement is necessary.

The Goldenbears charm at the MGM Grand Graden Area on October 2, 2015.
Source : facebook

Oski the Bear is one of the weirdest college mascots in the NCAA right now. The Committee has taken steps to protect Oski's identity, and those who wear the suit often keep their identities a secret.

Oski represents the spirit of college pride, unity, and excellence with his humorous manner and eternal dedication to the California Golden Bears.

Sam the Minuteman - University of Massachusetts Amherst

Sam the Minuteman represents the pride and spirit of the University of Massachusetts Amherst. He debuted as UMass Amherst's amulet in 1971.

Sam was also named mascot of the month in 2005. The Minuteman also featured in a commercial for This is SportsCenter striking a tennis ball away from Andy Roddick, one of the richest tennis players.

Minuteman giving away free hot cocoa on December 12, 2022.
Source : twitter

Sam the Minuteman is one of the funny college mascots in the United States. Sam is portrayed as a Minuteman from the American Revolution, with a tri-cornered hat, a buckskin jacket, and knee-high boots. 

The UMass Amherst's lucky charm grabs audiences with his entertaining activities showing strong dedication to the college and strong values.

Otto the Orange - Syracuse University

The Syracuse University periapt Otto the Orange made its debut in 1980. He is frequently seen performing at the athletic events held in Syracuse.

Otto is a citrus fruit anthropomorphist who is dressed in blue clothing, with a big hat and pants. His official recognition came in December 1995, thanks to Chancellor Buzz Shaw.

Otto the Orange enjoying the snow holding heart shape on February 14, 2022.
Source : facebook

It was known as a "juiced-up, bumbling citrus fruit with two legs protruding," and it gained popularity on campus quite quickly. Popular American sports magazine Sports Illustrated ranked Otto among one of the best 10 college football mascots in 2016.

Big Red - Western Kentucky University

Big Red is popular as one of the dumbest mascots going around. The talisman was created to represent a group of WKU students.

Big Red is neither a man nor a woman, according to WKU's branding manual. After making its debut on 1st Dec 1979, the Kentucky lucky charm won the Key to the Spirit award from the Universal Cheerleading Association in 1980, 1981, and 1983.

Big Red pictured with 2022 R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl Champion on December 23, 2022.
Source : twitter

In 1990, it made it to the Final Four of the Universal Cheerleading Association and won second place for the collegiate mascot of the year.

The iconic amulet has been chosen eight times to participate, and in the 2006 Capital One Mascot Challenge, he advanced to the semifinals. In the first Cheetos Top 25 Cheesiest College Mascots that year, Big Red was ranked ninth.

Willie the Wildcat - Kansas State University

Willie the Wildcat is covered in gray fur that has two white stripes that resemble the Powercat logo with a head weight of eleven pounds.

The official KSU lucky charm made his debut in 1947. Willie frequently appears dressed as an athlete at numerous K-State athletic events. 

Willie is known to wear uniforms matching the team and sport that he attends.
Source : twitter

Willie Wildcat has gained popularity as one of the coolest college mascots in the NCAA arena. Although every few years a different student dons the amulet, his personality has remained very much constant

The entertaining talisman also autographs many things with his recognizable handwriting, signing his name "Willie Wildcat" with a paw print drawn in place of the "W" in both words.

Cocky - University of South Carolina

Cocky represents the cartoon version of a gamecock. Gamecock has been the official symbol of the University of South Carolina since 1902. 

John Nelson, a student majoring in biology, started going to games dressed as a Gamecock in 1971, and the periapt for this team was known as "The Rooster". His mother built the costume, which included Styrofoam spurs, fabric feathers, and a cardboard bill.  

Cocky holding the trophy at Columbia on April 9, 2023.
Source : instagram

Cocky won the hearts of all Gamecock supporters worldwide and is now among the most recognizable faces at USC, both among the young and the old.

The South Carolina talisman also won the UCA Mascot Championship for the first time in 1986 and later in 1994 as well. Furthermore, he was chosen as the winner of the Capital One Challenge by getting the most votes in 2004. 

Demon Deacon - Wake Forest University

Demon Deacon is known for his unorthodox name and appearance. The Wake First University talisman made its debut in 1941. 

Jack Baldwin, a 1943 Wake Forest graduate student acted as the first Deacon mascot as the name "Demon Deacon" gained popularity. Baldwin led the Wake Forest football team onto the field while riding the North Carolina after locating an old tuxedo and top hat.

Deacon has become a mainstay in the world of collegiate lucky charms.
Source : twitter

When Baldwin graduated from college two years later, many enthusiastic students were eager to carry on dressed as the phylactery. 

Deacon plays a significant part in the Wake Forest community by reflecting the values and traditions of the college. The university's dedication to giving back and encouraging involvement outside of the classroom is reflected in the Demon Deacon's participation in charitable activities.

Hairy Dawg - University of Georgia Bulldogs

Hairy Dawg participates in all of the Georgia Bulldogs games. The Georgia University talisman made his debut in the 1981 Super Bowl.

A gray anthropomorphic dog named "Fluffie" was the first dressed bulldog at the University of Georgia. It was characterized as a "dark, dingy gray mutt with zero personality" when compared to the rival team's mascot.

Dawg has been a constant support for the Bulldogs football team.
Source : instagram

With bulldog-like attire, Hairy Dawg is considered among the scariest college mascots. Dwag also appeared in This is SportsCenter advertisement alongside former Georgia QB Matthew Stafford in 2012.

Widely known as the face, soul, and pride of the Bulldog nation, Hairy is ranked number 3 in their list of "America's Top 10 Sports Mascots".

Louie the Cardinal - University of Louisville

Louie the Cardinal came to the fore for the University of Louisville after 1913. It was awarded by the National Cheerleaders Association in 2004.

The cardinal bird, recognized for its unique red plumage, stands for determination, leadership, and a spirit of competition had made this amulet a great choice for the athletic teams to represent.

Louie made a giveaway announcement at the Cardinal Stadium on October 21, 2021.
Source : instagram

Louie the Cardinal is often cited among the bad college mascots due to his terrifying looks. However, it has gained a legendary reputation among many sports teams and their fan bases throughout the years.

Louie has become an essential part of the athletic experience due to his outgoing personality, dedication to building team spirit, and changing attitude. The mascot has been a great success in uniting the ideals and aspirations of the teams.