Most popular Footballers with Hair Transplant Before and After with photos - like Wayne Rooney, Harry Kane, David Beckham are some names who got the procedure done.

Hair loss has been one of men's major problems for a very long time. There was no way around it in the past other than to accept it. However, with the help of new technologies, there is now a better way to deal with it.

However, with the evolution in tech and all, various methodologies can be used to restore hair. There are many things you can do to reduce hair loss and keep your scalp healthy.

When it comes to transplants, many footballers are likely to go through the process due to the pressure to maintain a certain image and appearance in the public eye and the desire to look young and attractive.

Some big names in football have also chosen to accept their hair loss and are resigned to baldness. Pep Guardiola, Zinedine Zidan, and Thierry Henry are some ex-football stars who never had any sort of surgery or transplant on their hair.

Meanwhile, Some have had it in the past, and they have all had great results. Here is the list of 20 footballers who undergo the treatment procedures.

1. David Beckham Hair Transplant After Retiring

David Beckham is the hairstyle icon of football. Throughout the years, his haircuts have generated a lot of media attention.

During the late 90s and early 2000s, Beckham gave us some trendy and iconic styles that are popular among kids these days because of his thick hair and intact hairline.

David Beckham's temples, shown in the left shot receding and the right one growing back, can be seen in comparison photos before and after
Source : instagram

His famous hairstyles include ponytail, long hair, buzz cut, and Mowhawk. However, even a celebrity with a big stature is not susceptible to hair loss. Due to his growing age, his hair slowly began to fade away, and this thin hair was clearly visible when he played for LA Galaxy.

After retiring with PSG in 2013, the problem got a lot worse, and around 2018, he had a hair transplant, though he never publicly acknowledged it. Looking at his past and present pictures is clear proof of it.

2. Wayne Rooney Hair Transplant In Manchester United

Manchester United legend Wayne Rooney is among few footballers who openly admit to getting a hair transplant.

He verified in a tweet from June 2011 that he had a transplant, being sure to make it clear. He was thrilled with the outcome and grateful that he didn't have to start losing his hair at 25.

Wayne Rooney before the procedure in 2011 and after with Derby United in 2020
Source : instagram

However, it was not the first time he got it done. He had the procedure sometime before that as well. You can quickly tell the difference Rooney had barely any hairline left when he scored that magnificent bicycle goal in the 2011 Manchester Derby.

However, he grew his hair and regained confidence a few months later. Since then, his hair has looked robust and dense. According to Daily Star, the 37-year-old D.C. United's head coach had spent about £30,000 on the procedure.

3. Harry Kane Hair Transplant In Tottenham

Harry Kane of Tottenham has not spoken publicly about having his hair restored. 

Just comparing his before and after images, the difference is distinctive. Kane has a noticeable fading hairline and has had some hair loss, which is known to many of his fans.

Harry Kane with the English national team before and after.
Source : instagram

His hairline in the temples area was heavily receded, so it looks like he had an FUE hair transplant involving bringing hair from the back to front and side. 

Before hair loss, the 29-year-old Spurs and England national team striker used a more slicked-back style similar to that of David Beckham. Recently, though, his hairline appears more straight, and his bald temples are hardly noticeable now.

4. Andros Townsend Hair Transplant In Crystal Palace

Andros Townsend suffered disastrous hair loss around 2015 when he was playing for Tottenham. He now plays for Everton Football Club.

A few times after he joined Crystal Palace in 2016, there was a gradual increase in his hair and its thickness. Townsend has been open about his hair loss and has undergone a hair transplant.

Andros Townsend before on the left and after with his thick and bulky hair on the right.
Source : instagram

The English winger has been vocal about the journey and has shared his experience with the public. He has also encouraged other men struggling with hair loss to consider a transplant. 

It appears that the procedure, which he had at the start of his Palace career, went successful, as his current hair looks full and thick. Moreover, it looks even better than what he previously had.

5. Rob Holding Hair Transplant In Arsenal

Where did Rob Holding hair transplant? He did his hair loss problem transplant from we can see some news in their web pages.

Rob Holding with a shaved head at Arsenal training ground in July 2021 vs him with head full of hair after transplant.
Source : instagram

He began suffering from hair loss at the start of 2021, and by the end of that year, he had a strikingly fading hairline. The following summer, he was photographed with a shaved head, which some admirers believed to be evidence of the procedure.

A few months later, he was no longer recognizable when he was spotted at the Arsenal training facility. He seemed to have been a totally different guy.

His terrible hairline had vanished, and his shiny hair had returned. The Sun also reported his new appearance back in December 2021.

6. Sadio Mane Hair Transplant In Liverpool

Senegal international Sadio Mane had a hair transplant when he was at Liverpool. Mane joined Bayern Munich in 2022.

Known and respected for his philanthropy work, the former Liverpool forward had barely any hair above his frontal lobes. He always looked a bit short at his front head. Before he underwent the transplant, many people even thought it was his hairdo, but today the front head baldness is gone.

Said Mane look before and after getting his hair done.
Source : instagram

Jurgen Klopp, the manager of his former team, Liverpool, also had a hair plant, and it appears that he followed his footrails. Even though Mane has not acknowledged or disclosed that any of this is real, his new hairline speaks for itself.

Mane joined the Merseyside club from Southampton in 2016 and had the same baldness back then as well. However, his current pictures clearly tell us that he grew back some of his hair around the covid 19 lockdown period.

7. David Silva Hair Transplant In Manchester City

David Silva is another football star who suffered from hair loss and underwent a hair transplant. Silva currently plays for Real Sociedad.

Manchester City fans were amused by Silva's fully shaved head when he arrived at the club's training ground for the 2018-19 pre-season. The heart of Man City's midfield created a lot of buzz after he was spotted with no hair.

David Silva shaved his head as a transplant procedure in 2018 and now his hair looks thicker than ever
Source : instagram

When he got a transplant, it was not immediately assumed by everyone. They were able to confirm that he had one, though, as his hair began to regrow and became thicker and wider than it had been before.

Silva's hair was restored when he joined the La Liga club following a fruitful transplant procedure. Now, every time the Spain international enters the pitch, you can see him sporting a fluffy-haired appearance.

8. Cesc Fabregas Hair Transplant In Chelsea

Cesc Fabregas glory days at Arsenal can be described by his slick passing ability and thicker hair. He joined Chelsea in 2014 from Barcelona.

When he signed for the blue side of London, it was evident in the pictures that the Spaniard had early signs of Male Pattern Baldness which became even more prominent as the years went by.

Cesc Fabregas before and after his transformation.
Source : instagram

Fabregas was well known for his dense, wavy hair, which was frequently worn long on top, and had the infamous Arsenal mullet. However, there was some thinning beginning to appear around his temples.

Four years after playing for Chelsea, in 2018, his hair suddenly started to grow as before he had hair loss. There is a prompted speculation that to look top-notch for his wedding in 2018; the midfield maestro underwent a hair transplant process.

9. Miralem Pjanic Hair Transplant In Barcelona

Miralem Pjanic, a Bosnian professional football player, no longer resembles the Miralem Pjanic of Barcelona. 

Last year in August, when the midfielder was back at Camp Nou after a season-long loan at Turkish side Besiktas, he also brought back his long-lost hair with him.

Before his move to Turkey, Pjanic was suffering from hair loss, and his head looked semi-bald with thin little hair here and there on his scalp.

Before and after picture of Miralem Pjanic, left, prior to getting his hair done and, right, after the procedure.
Source : instagram

However, his return to Spain at the start of the 2022-23 season surprised the Catalan fans. Images of him before leaving for loan and returning to the La Liga giants show the glaring difference.

His followers on social media praised the Bosnian's better new appearance and suggested he had a hair transplant. Going to Turkey might probably be his best decision ever.

10. Dimitar Berbatov Hair Transplant In Monaco

After playing for three premier league clubs, Dimitar Berbatov went to AS Monaco in 2014, where he underwent a hair transplant. His photos of his stay at Monaco clearly show his hair restoration.

Berbatov has a charm of a Hollywood actor. However, things went downhill to worse when he was playing for Manchester United.

Dimitar Berbatov before and after hair restoration photos
Source : facebook

Berbatov is indeed a glamorous and stylish player, and his Hollywood-like looks have been a topic of discussion among fans. Many of his supporters still recall the movie star-like clothing he wore during his early professional days at Tottenham.

The Bulgarian footballer joined Manchester United in 2008 and during his four years stay at the Red Devil, Berbatov faced a severe hair loss problem. His final season pictures at United clearly depicts his baldness around his temples.

11. Xherdan Shaqiri Hair Transplant In Liverpool

Another player on the list is Swiss winger Xherdan Shaqiri. Shaqiri has maintained a tight lip regarding his hair transplant.

Everybody was familiar with his visible temples and hair partial hair loss until the end of 2019. He suffered a calf injury in September 2019, and his medical reports suggest Shaqiri had to stay away from the pitch for two months.

Xherdan Shaqiri before in May 2019 and after photo of him with the Swiss national team
Source : instagram

However, when he came back in November, the 1.65 m tall player was sporting a totally new hairline. He had grown hair around his temples, which looked more thick and bold, giving him a slightly youthful impression.

Although he has never admitted he underwent the treatment procedure, anyone can tell by the look of it. There was also a rumor that when he returned, he hesitated to head the ball for a while.

12. Jurgen Klopp Hair Transplant In Borussia Dortmund

Liverpool FC head coach Jurgen Klopp revealed he had a hair transplant in 2012. He is a former player who played in Bundesliga back in his days. 

The 55-year-old enjoyed an outstanding career in Germany coaching Borussia Dortmund, and he had a similar slay of magic with Liverpool winning the Premier League and Champions League trophy.

Jurgen Klopp before and after pictures
Source : facebook

Unlike other, Klopp is not coy about disclosing his hair replacement treatment, and he said he had undergone the procedure in Germany in 2012 when he was the manager of Dortmund. After a successful tenure at the Bundesliga side, Liverpool appointed him as the head coach in 2015.

If you were to look at pictures of Klopp before and after his treatment, you would see that his hairline has been lowered and tidied up more to resemble what he would have looked like in his early twenties.

13. Anthonio Conte Hair Transplant In Juventus

Italian football coach Anthonio Conte is among the pioneer soccer athlete to have undergone hair transplants.

Conte is believed to have undergone several transplants today since when he first did back in 2000. He was the star of the Italian national team and Juventus in the 90s.

Antonio Conte look before, left, and after, right
Source : instagram

The current Spurs manager was a midfielder with remarkable talent. But his most striking feature was his hair. Conte was snapped with significant hair loss on numerous occasions, despite being at a young age.

He was dissatisfied with the problem, and in the early 2000s, when he was playing at Juve, Conte had his first treatment surgery on his hair.

Since hair plants were at the early stage of development, he faced a similar problem a few years back. After that, he went further with two more transplants to make his hair look thick and bulky.

14. Ashley Barnes Hair Transplant In Burnley

Ashley Barnes suffered a serious hair loss issue in 2017. The Burnley forward got a hair transplant to regrow his hair back at the end of that season.

His pre-transplant pictures from early 2017 significantly show the emptiness of hair in his temples region. The condition significantly impacted Barnes since he did not want to witness him get baldness before becoming 30.

EFL side Burnley forward Ashley Barnes underwent a transplant in 2017. The above two pictures depicts him before and after the procedure.
Source : twitter

Barnes moved from Brighton to Burnley in 2014, and since then, he has been with the club. The 33-year-old admitted that he had surgery to regrow his hair in 2017. 

A few months after his revelation, the recession around his temples appeared less visible than before. Barnes has scored 47 goals in 249 games in the league since he arrived at Turf Moor.

15. Wesley Sneijder Hair Transplant In Galatasaray

The retired Dutch winger Wesley Sneijder also had to go through the hair transplant process. Sneijder successfully had surgery after the 2014 World Cup.

He was in blistering form for club and country during the late 2000s. Winning the Champions League with Jose Mourinho's Inter Milan in 2010 and carrying Netherlands to the final of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, Sneijder was enjoying a moment of his career.

Wesley Sneijder hair looked a bit thicker after he a treatment in 2014 compared to his photo on the left
Source : instagram

However, with his move to the Turkish side of Galatasaray in 2013, Sneijder hair line slowly began to recede, just like his career. His hair loss was apparent when he played in the 2014 world tournament in Brazil.

Upon returning to Turkey after international duty, his hairline seemed to have been restored, raising the possibility that he had undergone surgery.

Fans remark that even though Sneijder has maintained a lid on this topic, his hairline is thicker and more evident than before. However, he has made peace with his baldness and did not perform any further treatments.

16. Leigh Griffiths Hair Transplant In Celtic

Leigh Griffiths has shared his hair transplant experience with the fans. The Scottish footballer posted a picture of his rejuvenated hair on Instagram.

Born in Leith, Edinburgh, Scotland, the 32-year-old began to ache from hair loss in 2014 at the start of his Celtic career. The following hair, he had a transplant by which he regained his hair, confidence, and a smile on his face back.

The above two pictures show Leigh Griffiths' hairline before and after the surgery
Source : instagram

Griffiths was really honest with his supporters about the process, so he did not keep them in the dark. He was 24 back then, a young mind but rapid hair loss was a pain in his throat. He was losing confidence both on and off the pitch.

As a result, Griffiths decided to go the hard way. The striker scored 90 goals in 173 appearances for Celtic before going on loan to Dundee FC in 2021 and finally departing for Falkirk in 2022.

17. Cenk Tosun Hair Transplant In Everton

A rapid rise in Cenk Tosun career also came with a catch. The Turkish footballer had to wave goodbye to his early sooner than expected.

Tosun arrived in England from Besiktas in 2018 and played with Everton for four seasons before returning to his former club in 2021. However, during his four years in Premier League, Tosun showed a sign of baldness.

Turkish forward Cenk Tosun photos before and after.
Source : facebook

Fear of completely losing his year at a young age, Tosun underwent a hair transplant treatment before the damage got worse. His hair follicle began to produce thick hair after a few months of the transplantation, and now his hair looks hefty and bushy.

Tosun is believed to have tried a temporary method that involves providing the illusion of more hair density. Similar temporary thickening methods are claimed to have been utilized by Rooney when his hair was thinning.

18. Gianfranco Zola Hair Transplant After Retiring

Chelsea legend Gianfranco Zola can be seen with much denser hair recently than he previously did.

Zola resigned from the assistant manager position at Chelsea in 2019. It looked like he had reversed his aging process to look much younger as his hair grew back with a 5000 graft hair transplant procedure.

Former Italian footballer Gianfranco Zola hair before and after photo
Source : instagram

During his late playing career, the former Italian forward suffered heavy hair loss, resulting in badness in his head's front portion. Following his retirement, he is said to have outlived several treatments to look as he is today.

Zola is 56 years old and happy with the restoration of his hair, which made him look younger. He played in the Premier League for seven seasons, with Chelsea bagging 59 goals in 229 caps.

19. Kris Boyd Hair Transplant In Rangers

Kris Boyd is a retired Scottish professional footballer who had a hair transplant in 2015. Boyd retired from football in 2019.

The former Rangers target man decided to go for a bold approach to tackle his growing hair loss problem. The 32-year-old Boyd underwent a 1700 graft hair plant, a relatively large procedure considering the amount of hair loss he suffered during the 2014-15 season.

Former Scottish footballer Kris Boyd underwent the procedure in 2015. The left picture is the one before he had the treatment and the right one is his present image.
Source : instagram

It was the finest choice he had ever made and significantly boosted his self-esteem. He claimed that receiving hair restoration therapy profoundly impacted his life.

Boyd also explained that he was used to not having thick hair and felt delighted and confident when it grew back. The Scottish player rejoined his boyhood club Kilmarnock in 2015 and went on to net 33 goals before he hung his boot in 2019.

20. Slaven Bilic Hair Transplant In West Ham

Slaven Bilic's hair loss while he was the English club West Ham United manager is not news to anyone. 

Hair loss is a common problem for football managers. The stress and anxiety they had to deal with in order to develop various tactics and strategies for various games was the main cause because there is a common belief that stress and tension can contribute to hair loss.

Slavn Bilic before and after photos of when he had the procedure while still being a manager of West Ham United.
Source : instagram

However, a lot of other factors also come into play, such as age, genetics, etc. Bilic, when he first joined the London club in 2015, his hair was pretty normal no shade of hair loss or any other problems.

But after a bumpy start to his spell at The Hammers, Bilic started to exhibit signs of hair loss, and his hair appeared thinner with each match he oversaw.

But later, in 2017, his hair looked flourished like before. That was when the fuss of his hair transplant began to encircle the internet and media.