Female Bare Knuckle fighters include 1. Britain Hart 2. Taylor Starling 3. Christine Ferea 4. Rachel Ostovich 5. Pearl Gonzalez 6. Jenny Savage and others.

For a long time, combat sports were seen as a predominantly male sport, with few women daring to enter the ring. However, in the last few years, there has been a resurgence of female fighters in every promotion.

The Philadelphia-based promotion company held its first Women's Featherweight 57 kg event in 2018. Australian fighter Bec Rawlings won the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship 1: The Beginning after defeating Alma Garcia by TKO in the second round.

Rawlings, a former UFC star, was crowned champion again in the 2019 Fighting Championship 4: USA vs. Mexico event, where she got the best of Cecilia Ulloa Flores.

Britain Hart

Britain Hart is the current no 1 in the BKFC female fighters heavyweight rankings. She was crowned the Strawweight Championship 52 kg in 2022.

At the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship 29 held in Great Falls, Montana, Hart got a victory against Charisa Sigala. Prior to that, she lost to Christine Ferea at KnuckleMania 2 in February 2022 in the Women's Flyweight Championship 57 kg.

Hart after a phenomenal win against Carly Batey in May 2019
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Britain Hart Record [7-3-0]

  • August 25, 2018 - Loss vs Bec Rawlings
  • April 6, 2019 - Loss vs Christine Ferea
  • November 13, 2020 - Win vs Randine Eckholm
  • February 5, 2021 - Win vs Paige VanZant
  • July 23, 2021 - Win vs Jenny Savage
  • November 12, 2021 - Win vs Pearl Gonzalez
  • February 19, 2022 - Loss vs Christine Ferea
  • June 24, 2022 - Win vs Bec Rawlings
  • September 10, 2022 - Win vs Charisa Sigala
  • March 24, 2023 - Win vs Jenny Savage

Taylor Starling

Starling has three wins and one loss at the Bare Knuckle boxing championship. She is currently in the number 2 spot among the ranked fighters.

The 27-year-old, who goes by the nickname "Killa Bee," competes in a flyweight division. Taylor made her debut in bare-knuckle fighting at the Knucklemania event in February 2021 with a win against Charisa Sigala.

Taylor practicing fighting moves in a beach in December 2021
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Starling had a clean record of 3-0-0 until she faced Christine Ferea in August 2022. In the W. Flyweight 57 kg, Ferea batted Taylor by technical knockout in the first round and clinched the  Women's Flyweight belt. 

Taylor Starling Record [3-1-0]

  • February 5, 2021 - Win vs Charisa Sigala
  • July 23, 2021 - Win vs Cassie Robb
  • December 9, 2021 - Win vs Hannah Guy
  • August 27, 2022 - Loss vs Christine Ferea

Christine Ferea

Christine Ferea is a two times Women's Flyweight Champion. Ferea had a stint at MMA and Invicta Fighting Championships before joining Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship in 2018.

The reigning flyweight division title holder boasts an impressive record of 7 wins against one loss at bare-knuckle boxing. Her only career loss came against Helen Peralta in the 2019 BKFC 7 Alers vs. Garcia. Besides, Ferea has defeated Britain Hart twice in the circular ring.

Ferea celebrates the triumph over Starling in August 2022.
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Christine Ferea Record [7-1-0]

  • October 20, 2018 - Win vs Jennifer Tate
  • April 6, 2019 - Win vs Britain Hart
  • August 10, 2019 - Loss vs Helen Peralta
  • September 11, 2020 - Win vs Calie Cutler
  • October 9, 2021 - Win vs Calista Silgado
  • February 19, 2022 - Win vs Britain Hart
  • August 27, 2022 - Win vs Taylor Starling
  • April 29, 2023 - Win vs Bec Rawlings

Rachel Ostovich

Rachel Ostovich is a former UFC fighter who signed with the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship in 2021.

The MMA combatant competes in the Women's Flyweight division and currently sits in the number four rank. The 5-foot-3 Hawaii native began her combat career in 2010 as an amateur mixed martial artist.

Rachel Ostovich at UFC Vegas 15 in November 2020
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In December 2014, after just two professional fights in MMA, Ostovich joined the Invicta Fighting Championships before eventually landing her feet at the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

Unfortunately for Rachel, her UFC stint turned into a series of misfortunes, with three consecutive defeats sealing her fate. As a result, the UFC opted to sever their professional relationship, terminating her contract and releasing her from the organization in December 2020.

Ostovich then inked a contract with bare-knuckle boxing promotion and debuted with a triumph against Paige VanZant in July 2021.

Rachel Ostovich Record [1-0-0]

  • July 23, 2021 - Win vs Paige VanZant

Bec Rawlings

Bec Rawlings is a veteran Australian bare knuckle female fighter. Rawlings is the first Police Gazette Featherweight Champion.

After her win against Alma Garcia at the Bare Knuckle FC 1 event in June 2018, she became the pioneer women's champion in the promotion. Rawlings made her record 3-0 after victories against Hart and Ulloa Flores and was flying high.

The 5 feet 6 inches tall Rawlings is also known by her nickname Rowdy.
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However, Britain Hart got her revenge against Bec at BKFC 26 in June 2022, giving her the bitter taste of her first loss. Furthermore, Rawlings lost against Ferea in April 2023.

Bec Rawlings  Record [3-2-0]

  • June 2, 2018 - Win against Alma Garcia
  • August 25, 2018 - Win against Britain Hart
  • February 2, 2019 - Win against Cecilia Ulloa Flores
  • June 24, 2022 - Loss against Britain Hart
  • April 29, 2023 - Loss against Christine Ferea

Pearl Gonzalez

Pearl Gonzalez is an American MMA who competes in Female Bare Knuckle Boxing. Gonzalez signed a contract with BKFC on April 22, 2021.

The former UFC fighter and professional boxer made her debut against Charisa Sigala at Bare Knuckle FC 18 in June 2021. In the Women's Featherweight 57 kg, Pearl defeated Sigala with a unanimous decision in the fight round.

Pearl Gonzalez ready for a fight on Fiserv Forum
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The same year in November, Gonzalez made her second fight in BKFC events but was humbled by Britain Hart. Moreover, the Chi-Town Princess also fought at Invicta FC in the strawweight division. She has a total of 15 bouts in MMA, with 10 wins and 5 losses. 

Pearl Gonzalez Record [1-1-0]

  • June 26, 2021 - Win against Charisa Sigala
  • November 12, 2021 - Loss against Britain Hart

Paige VanZant

Paige VanZant is one of the hottest MMA fighters who transitioned from the UFC to BKFC. VanZant competed in the UFC Strawweight division from 2013 to 2020.

Apart from combat, the 29-year-old is also a model and author. Paige also had a brief wrestling career when she appeared in All Elite Wrestling (AEW) in September 2021 before exiting the promotion in May 2022.

Former UFC fighter VanZant during a photo session in June 2017
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In August 2020, Paige VanZant agreed to a contract worth more than $1 million with the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship for four fights.

However, her start at Bare Knuckle did not go as expected, as she ended up losing both of the fights. In February 2021, Paige was humiliated by B. Hart, and then in July of that year, she lost to Ostovich at Knucklemania 1.

Paige VanZant Record [0-2-0]

  • February 5, 2021 - Loss vs B. Hart
  • July 23, 2021 - Loss vs Rachel Ostovich

Delaney Bailey

Delaney Bailey is a 52 kg Strawweight division fighter at Bare Knuckle Fighting. Bailey has one win in the promotion against Sheena Brandenburg.

Popular by her nickname Lil Scrappy, the 30-year-old athlete debuted at BKFC 8: Silva vs. Gonzaga in October 2019. She fought in the Featherweight division and grabbed a win against Sheena in Round 2 by TKO. 

Delaney practicing hard for her 2019 BKFC bout.
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After a two-year gap, Bailey entered her second Bare Knuckle event in December 2019, squaring off against Jenny Savage. Despite putting up a good fight, she lost the game to Jenny in the Women's Strawweight division by a split decision.

Delaney Bailey Record [1-1-0] 

  • October 19, 2019 - Win against Sheena Brandenburg
  • December 9, 2021 - Loss against Jenny Savage

Andy Nguyen

The 5 feet 4 inches tall Andy Nguyen had a dream start winning her first two games in the BKFC events, after joining the promotion in 2022.

Nguyen overcame Cassie Robb in her debut bout at Bare Knuckle FC 24 in April 2022. Her foundation style is based on Muay Thai and Jiu-Jitsu.

Photoshoot of Nguyen in August 2022 by Pauline Marie.
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Then in January 2023, Andy began the new year with a victory over Veronika Dmitriyeva at Myrtle Beach, making her streak 2-0. Her first defeat came recently in May when she went head-to-head with Sydney Smith.

Nicknamed "The CrAsian," Nguyen also competed briefly in Legacy Fighting Championship and King of the Cage promotions. 

Andy Nguyen Record [2-1-0]

  • April 30, 2022 - Win against Cassie Robb
  • January 27, 2023 - Win against Veronika Dmitriyeva
  • May 12, 2023 - Loss against Sydney Smith

Jenny Savage

Jenny Savage is a 5 feet 2 inches tall professional mixed martial artist who has been competing in BKFC Women Flyweight since 2020.

Savage has engaged in a total of five bouts within the Bare Knuckle events, out of which she emerged victorious in three of these battles while grappling with defeat in the remaining two contests.

Jenny at the Fight Night Tampa in December 2021
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Savage triumphed in her debut game against Sheena Brandenburg at BKFC 15 O'Bannon vs Shewmaker in December 2020. Her last bout was against champion Britain Hart at Norfolk in which she succumbed to defeat.

Jenny Savage Record [3-2-0]

  • December 11, 2020 - Win vs Sheena Brandenburg
  • July 23, 2021 - Loss vs Britain Hart
  • December 9, 2021 - Win vs Delaney Bailey
  • September 10, 2022 - Win vs Veronika Dmitriyeva
  • March 24, 2023 - Loss vs Britain Hart