ESPN Plus golf announcers are Curtis Strange, Bob Wischusen, and Dave Flemming, among a few. They will cover over 4,000 hours of live coverage.

These figures cover the PGA TOUR LIVE ON ESPN+ which was launched in 2022. The nine-year agreement that allows ESPN the domestic rights to broadcast the PGA Tour on ESPN+ will provide fans with live coverage of 36 tournaments from the tour.

The direct-to-consumer streaming services were much-needed for the network since not everyone in today's world has the time to sit in front of the TV to watch the live broadcast. It is a win-win situation for both parties.

While covering any tournament is crucial for the network, having a broadcasting team to support it is vital. The broadcasting team members are the connection or link between the live telecast and the viewers.

ESPN and its streaming service ESPN+ have done a tremendous job with the coverage of the PGA Tour and have assembled an exciting and experienced team of sports presenters.

ESPN+ Golf Announcers

ESPN+ golf announcers are:

  • Curtis Strange
  • Bob Wischusen
  • Dave Flemming
  • Mark Donaldson
  • Jane Crafter
  • Shane Bacon
  • John Maginnes
  • Suzy Whaley

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The recently held final event of the FedExCup Playoffs on the tour was the Tour Championship played from August 24 to 27. The coverage had a trio of Strange, Wischusen, and Fleming as hole announcers. The trio had also covered the PGA Championship back in 2022 in the same roles as assigned in 2023.

Curtis Strange joined ESPN's golf coverage in 2008 after taking some time off as a golf analyst on ABC. He joined the network in 1995 and worked till 2004. He has spent quite a long time being associated with the sport since he is a former player himself.

He is a two-time U.S. Open winner in 1988 and 1989 and has 17 wins on the PGA Tour. Dave Flemming is also among the notables covering the major golf tournaments. Alongside calling basketball, football, and MLB games, he has also ventured into the world of golf.

Holes 14-15-16 were also covered by ESPN+ which had Donaldson, Crafter, Bacon, Maginnes, and Whaley covering the featured holes segment during the third and final round coverage.

Jane Crafter is also a former golfer on the LPGA Tour with tons of experience having played from 1984-2004. Accompanying her is Shane Bacon who also hosts the broadcast of the Korn Ferry Tour on Golf Channel.

She had also worked with the network back in 2011-2012 as a golf analyst and as an announcer for the Featured Holes stream during the 2022 PGA Championship.

Among the other hole announcers is former PGA Tour player John Maginnes. He has also been part of various networks since 2004 and usually serves as an on-course announcer.

Suzy Whaley is a former player and former president of the PGA of America who was also a member of the announcers' team. She too was part of the featured holes stream on the streaming service.

In the 2022 coverage of the PGA Championship, Whaley was a member of the team of analysts that covered the Featured Group.

ESPN Golf Commentators List

ESPN Golf commentators are Matt Barrie and Joe Buck. The two sportscasters commentate on several other sports as well alongside golf for the network.

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Matt Barrie

Matt Barrie joined ESPN in 2013 for the network's daily sports news television program SportsCenter. He was associated with NBC and CBS prior to joining ESPN's broadcast team.

He used to call games for high school sports and currently serves as the pregame and halftime show host for ESPN College Football Thursday Primetime. In addition to football, Barrie also commentates on the two major golf tournaments that the network covers.

Matt Barrie is also part of the PGA Championship ESPN announcers team as a commentator since 2020. He covers two majors including The Masters Tournament.

Joe Buck

Joe Buck is one of the most prominent figures in the world of sports broadcasting. The legendary announcer and commentator has been in business since 1989 teaming up with several other personalities and networks in his career.

Buck joined ESPN in 2022 and is employed as the lead of the broadcasting team of Monday Night Football. In addition to football, he also works on broadcasts on ESPN+ such as the 2022 PGA Championship. He made his golf debut for the network by hosting the alternate broadcast.

ESPN Golf Analyst

ESPN golf analysts are:

  • Andy North
  • Michael Collins
  • Curtis Strange
  • David Duval

Andy North

The two-time U.S. Open winner (1978, 1985) Andy North started his tenure with ESPN in 1992 as an on-course reporter. The former player had to quit his playing career due to injuries which resulted in him venturing into another role as a media personality.

North has since been promoted as the lead on-course reporter in 2004 and is also the lead analyst. The major championship winner has tons of experience as a player and his understanding of the sport is unmatched.

The way he reviews the game and his in-depth analysis has been his best part as an analyst. His analysis is often taken up by the players so that they can improve their game and also help with course strategy.

Michael Collins

Collins is a former professional caddie for a decade and joined the broadcasting team for golf in 2011. His experience as a caddie makes him one of the best golf analysts since he has a much better understanding of the game.

His perspective and reading of plays have always been his strength and is the perfect person to break down plays for the viewers and give his expert opinions. It all makes up for a better viewing experience for the viewers.

Collins has previously hosted the program America's Caddie on ESPN+ and also served as an on-course reporter for several golf tournaments.

Curtis Strange

When it comes to gold broadcasts, Curtis Strange is present almost everywhere. The hole announcer for the final playoff tournament is also an analyst for ESPN. He too is a seasoned golfer himself who was in the top 10 of the OWGR for more than 200 weeks.

The two-time Ryder Cup winner has played with the best of the best during his days and his experience as a player and as a broadcaster is vital for the network's golf coverage.

David Duval

Former World No. 1 golfer who turned pro in 1993 and has 13 wins on the PGA Tour including The Open Championship started his broadcasting career in 2012. He was a commentator for ESPN's coverage of the major title he won and the U.S. Open.

ESPN's coverage of The Open Championship has Duval as the lead analyst on the broadcasting team. The still-active golfer brings a lot of experience and insights to the team and also to the viewers.

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ESPN golf reporters for 2023 are Mark Schlabach and Andy North. Schlabach is also a reporter for the network while covering the college football games.

Mark Schlabach

Schlabach is a sports journalist, who joined ESPN in 2006. He serves as the reporter for both sports and is also a best-selling author. He is a struggling golfer and believes that in order to write about or report about a certain sport, you don't have to be good at it.