Dusty May wife Anna Nonte works as a therapist. Dusty has three children and his eldest son Jack May was born on January 30, 2003.

He has three children with his partner Anna, all boys: Jack, Charlie, and Eli May.

Jack, the eldest of the brood, has embarked on the path of athletic endeavors and currently represents the Florida Gators basketball team as a professional.

Undoubtedly Dusty has laid a sturdy foundation for his offspring to make an impact on athletics. Apart from Jack, his siblings Charlie and Eli seriously consider following in their father's footsteps.

Besides, Dusty is 46 years old and has a long-standing history in coaching, having started as an assistant coach for the Eastern Michigan Eagles in 2005.

Florida Atlantic hired him as a head coach in March 2018 after his stints in assistant coaching at several clubs.

Dusty May has salary of around $500 thousand. May and the team have sneaked into the Sweet 16 in March Madness 2023 defeating the red-hot FDU led by coach Tobin Anderson.

Dusty May Married Life

Dusty May wife Anna Nonte May is an operational therapist living in Boca Raton. Dusty married her in 2000 and has three kids.

Anna and Dusty are high school sweethearts. The two romantic souls crossed paths for the first time while pursuing their education at Eastern Greene High in Bloomfield. 

Dusty and Anna strike a pose on a river bridge in Florida, April 2016
Dusty and Anna strike a pose on a river bridge in Florida, April 2016 ( Source : facebook )

Their romance gradually sprouted and blossomed into a deep relationship. Subsequently, they enrolled in the same college, Indiana University. However, she then decided to transfer to Purdue University.

Dusty and Anna walked down the aisle after finishing their graduation in 2000. They had their first baby, Jack, three years later, in January 2003.

He has posted a handful of images with his other half on his Facebook account. The pair smiled at a camera as they posed in front of a river in Florida in April 2016.

On the other hand, Anna has kept her profile low and has not uploaded any images on her socials. The only Facebook picture she posted was a photo of her and her husband in January 2012.

Anna was born a few months after Dusty in 1977, and her age is 46. Throughout the years, the couple has dwelled in different locations across that county because of Dusty's profession.

Dusty with Anna in February 2012
Dusty with Anna in February 2012 ( Source : facebook )

Anna, the native of Bloomfield, Indiana, moved in with Dusty in West Lafayette, a township city in Tippecanoe County, Indiana, after marriage. 

Then for a year, the pair went to live in a rural enclave of Murray, Kentucky, before relocating to Santa Monica in downtown Los Angeles, California.

Then for a couple of years, when Dusty had an assistant manager role at UAB Blazers, him and Anna, along with their little ones, migrated to Birmingham, AL.

Similarly, in 2009, when May was appointed as an assistant at Louisiana Tech, they were again required to move to Ruston, Louisiana, to accommodate the job demands.

Dusty served at the Bulldogs for six years before joining the Florida Gators coaching staff in 2015. The family took residence in Gainesville, Florida, before migrating to  Boca Raton in 2018.

Dusty May Children

Dusty May has three kids from his marriage to Anna. He is the father to three sons Jack May, Charlie May, and Eli May.

His Facebook feed is replete with many photos showcasing the lives of his three little ones.

Dusty attends an event with Jack, Charlie and Eli, all dressed up neat and clean, in September 2022
Dusty attends an event with Jack, Charlie and Eli, all dressed up neat and clean, in September 2022 ( Source : facebook )

Starting from the profile picture is the photograph of Dusty and his brood of three, who have all grown up to be taller than him, except for the last born, Eli.

Dusty has uploaded tons of pictures of his kids since joining Facebook in 2010. His first picture on the platform was that of his oldest son Jack holding two mid-sized pumpkins for Halloween.  

Jack May

Jack May is a basketball player at Florida Gators, representing the University of Florida in NCAA divisions.

He is Dusty and Anna's first son, born on January 30, 2003. Inspired by his dad, Jack began playing basketball at a young age. He would play alongside his younger brother Charlie under the coaching of Dusty.

Dusty coached Jack while he played for Florida Gators
Dusty coached Jack while he played for Florida Gators ( Source : facebook )

Dusty taught him the fundamentals of the game and the agility and mindset needed to be a crucial player. Jack attended Saint Andrew High, where he played varsity basketball. He led his school to the state championship title in 2020.

For the 2020-21 season, the 20-year-old joined the University of Florida to play for the Gators. With a towering height of 6 feet and 4 inches, Jack has been an instrumental team member for the college since his debut. 

Charlie May

Dusty welcomed his second son Charlie May on 18 September 2004. Born a year and a half after his big brother Jack, Charlie turned 19 in September 2022.

Charlie has emulated Jack's initial triumphs as an amateur Saint Andrew's School basketball player. They both play the Guard position; their play style is similar.

Charlie playing for UCF Knights in January 2023
Charlie playing for UCF Knights in January 2023 ( Source : instagram )

Besides, Charlie won the state championship during his second year with the team, and for the senior season, he was named the team captain. 

After completing high school, Charlie joined the UCF Knights representing the University of Central Florida. Buoyed by his impressive skills and confidence, the 6-foot-5 athlete is making names in the NCAA leagues. 

He is also getting popular on social media and has amassed over 1.2K followers on Instagram.

Eli May

Eli is the last member of the May clan, born on the 4th of May 2006. Dusty posted a picture of Eli on his 11th birthday in May 2017.

Eli on his 11th birthday in May 2017
Eli on his 11th birthday in May 2017 ( Source : facebook )

Similarly to his two elder brothers, Jack and Charlie, Eli is also on the verge of pursuing a basketball career. He currently plays in the junior basketball league of the Scots' JV team. 

Unluckily, the 16-year-old emerging talent does not have a height advantage due to his comparatively shorter stature than his siblings. Jack and Charli are both over 6 feet tall.

Dusty May Family Life

Dusty May hometown is Bloomington, Indiana where he was born and raised. Dusty's parents parted ways when he was a little boy.

Despite not being together, his mom and dad coherently raised him and his brother in a small housing division in Bloomington.

Dusty celebrates GrandparentsDay in February 2012 with Jack
Dusty celebrates GrandparentsDay in February 2012 with Jack ( Source : facebook )

Later his father purchased a residential property containing a coal deposit, resulting in significant financial boosts for his sons. 

Meanwhile, Dusty's mom allocated the bulk of the inheritance toward their college funds and permitted them to use the remainder to construct a basketball court in their backyard.

Other members of his family include aunt Valerie Nonte-O'Brien who works as a senior logistician at Tri Star Engineering and uncle Jackie White. Likewise, Dusty's cousin Charla May Byers is a director at CAnine Rescue Care Inc. and an FCS Educator at MSD of Shakamak.