AFK Arena The Depths Of Time was an adventure in the Voyage of Wonders for a limited period of time. Players will have to reach Chapter 20-20 to play it.

The adventure can be found in the Wandering Baloon section of the Peaks of Time. Although The Depths of Time was a temporary event, it has been added to Wandering Baloon permanently.

The Depth of Time is a map divided by time with two sides of the same layout. Players will be able to travel through portals to reach the other side.

It will not be easy for players to clear the stage in AFK Arena as it is a little complicated. In order to get hold of the three big chests as a tip. you will have to run the map twice. You will have to start again right after you finish.

There are three versions of The Depth of Time that was released. The Depth of Time II and The Depth of Time III. The other parts are equally good and fans have no complaints regarding it.

How To Get Dimensional Heroes AFK Arena?

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AFK Arena Dimensional Heroes can be acquired through Exchanging Dimensionals events, the Labyrinth Store, the Challenger Store, and Garrisoned Mercenaries.

The Dimensional factions have 12 heroes that have entered the world of Esperia courtesy of an interdimensional portal. This has been key to adding a range of heroes to be added to the AFK Arena roster.

The unique quality that these heroes possess is that they are immune to factional advantages or disadvantages.

AFK Arena Dimensional Heroes are:

  • King Arthur
  • Merlin
  • Leonardo da Vinci
  • Melusina/Baba Yaga
  • Nakoruru
  • Ukyo
  • Ezio Auditore da Firenze (Assasin's Creed)
  • Ainz Ooal Gown
  • Albedo
  • Joker
  • Queen
  • Prince of Persia

Although there are 12 Dimensional Heroes in the game, only four of them are available permanently in AFL Arena. Merlin, Melusina/Baba Yaga, King Arthur, and Leonardo da Vinci are the four heroes.

The remaining eight heroes arrived in timed events and are only unlocked temporarily in the game.

So how exactly can we obtain the Dimensional Heroes in AFK Arena?

Exchanging Dimensional events

These events occur every once in a while in AFK Arena whenever there is a collaboration with another franchise. Games like Prince of Persia and Assasin's Creed are the more popular franchises among others.

These events usually last for about two months or 60 days and players can stack up the tons of required resources to get their Dimensional Heroes. This has to be done within the given time frame.

The resources that are required are Hero Coins, Labyrinth Tokens, Guild Coins, and Challenger Tokens. You need to spend the resources and you can collect puzzle pieces and later exchange them for your desired Hero.

A thing to be noted is that you will be able to obtain only a single or two Dimensional Heroes during the event as it all depends on the franchise collaboration. 

After the time frame ends, it is all up to the game developers if they keep the Heroes available for use or not. If they decide not to do so, they become unavailable.

Labyrinth Store

Anywhere between stages 2 and 4, players will unlock the Labyrinth Store where they will be able to purchase King Arthur's and Melusina/Baba Yaga's Soulstones.

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Players will need 60 Soulstones to unlock the Hero and 15 Dimensional Soulstones cost 60,000 Labyrinth Tokens. You will be requiring 240,000 Lab Tokens to unlock either of the two Dimensional Heroes.

Challenger Store

Dimensional Heroes Merlin or Leonardo da Vinci can be obtained after the Challenger Store is unlocked at stages 9 to 20. 

Soulstones will once again be required to complete the purchase and players can use Gladiator Coins to buy sixty stones.

Garrisoned Mercenaries

A new system was introduced to AFK Arena that lets players loan their favorite Dimensional Heroes for a month-long time period. You can do so by sending a hiring request to your in-game friends and Guild members.

After the end of the time period, you once again lose the hero, and if you wish to re-loan the hero, you have to repeat the same process once again.

Although this is only a loan deal, you will have to pay a price for the hiring of your desired heroes. Players will have to pay 100 Dimensional Stones for loaning the Dimensional Hero.

You can also get them through these resource exchanges:

  • 800 Hero Coins > 1 Dimensional Stone
  • 800 Guild Coins > 1 Dimensional Stone
  • 800 Labyrinth Tokens > 1 Dimensional Stone
  • 2666 Gladiator Coins > 1 Dimensional Stone

The Garrisoned Mercenaries way is also the most expensive one to get hold of the Dimensional Heroes even though the cost of the loan decreases after loaning them a few times.

AFK Arena Pumpkin Requests

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AFK Arena Pumpkin Requests 2023 starts on Day 5 with a request from Rosaline and ends on Day 8 with a custom request by Daimon.

The Pumpkin Requests are part of the AFK Arena Custom Request and the challenges are received by the players on a daily basis.

Gentle botanist AFK Arena a request made by Respen on Day 6. The challenge demands a nature style base and gentle botanist headwear and ornaments.

There are still two more Custom Requests challenges remaining for Days 7 and 8. They are made by Safiya and Daimon. 

  • AFK Arena Pumpkin Day 7 - Safiya: "I'd like a Jack o’Lantern with all features, with a base, headwear, and ornaments that befit a queen!”
  • AFK Arena Daimon gift guide Day 8 - Daimon: "I'd like a Jack o’Lantern with all features… I hope it looks like my mom. Do you know her? She’s Shemira.”

AFK Arena What To Spend Diamonds On?

Diamonds in AFK Arena Noctis Animarum can be spent by buying 10 Hero summons in the Tavern for 2,700 diamonds. It is the most valuable resource.

There are plenty of ways to earn diamonds in the game and also plenty of ways to spend them in the right way. You do not want to waste your hard-earned valuable resources.

Players could use their diamonds in AFK Arena on:

  • Buying Elite Hero Soulsstones in the General Store
  • Buying Mythic Gears (Do not pay more than 1,800)

AFK Arena Nightmare Corridor Guide

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Nightmare Corridor is an event in AFK Arena with the goal of defeating the six special bosses in the special challenge. It can only be done with certain heroes known as Beasts.

The basic requirement to take part in this challenge is that you will have to have Resonating Crystal 350 or beasts that are at least 30 Ascend Tier.

The six bosses in Nightmare Corridor are Burning Brute, Ice Shemira, Dune Destroyer, Kane, Idre, and Demonic Nemora.

As we all know the event resets every four weeks and that changes the layout of the bosses every time. The layout is always different once it resets.

For players to defeat the not-so-easy bosses in the game, a perfect combination of hero and pet (beasts) is a must. The scoring is based on the number of bosses that you eliminate and the time taken to do so.

In the case of not being able to defeat the bosses, the sum of all damage dealt by the team will be counted as the final score. The faster the time of your kills, the higher your rank will be.

Let us all take a look at the AFK Arena Nightmare Corridor guide to defeating the bosses and working out the best combinations.

Boss Burning Brute

  • Combination 1: Geralt, Saurus, Lyca, Mischka, Twins (E+) (Fire)
  • Combination 2: Veithael (M), Saurus, Lyca, Mischka, Tamrus (Owl)

Boss Ice Shemira

  • Combination 1: aThane (merc), Ezizh (E+), Lucretia, Anasta (203), Silas (Frost) – RNG
  • Combination 2: Lucretia, Daimon, Silas, ABaden, Ezizh ( Phantasmoth)
  • Combination 3: aThane (merc), Daimon, Baden, Silas, Ezizh (Moth)

Boss Dune Destroyer

  • Combination 1: aBelinda (M), Joan, Rosa, Rowan, Palmer (Owl)
  • Combination 2: aBelinda (L), Alna, Rosa, Palmer, Raine (Pet: Owl)
  • Combination 3: aBelinda (L), Anasta, Rosa, Palmer, Raine (Talismane) / aBelinda (M), aTalene (L), Rosa, Rowan, Palmer (Owl) – RNG

Boss Kane 

  • Combination 1: Scarlett, Grez, Estrilda, Hodgkin, Nevanthi (Blade)
  • Combination 2: Scarlett, Grez, Estrilda, Hodgkin, Twins (Blade)

Boss Idre

  • Combination 1: Warek, Eorin (309e30), Lorsan, Antandra, aSolise (Lion)
  • Combination 2: Warek, Eorin (203), Lorsan, Skreg, aSolise (Lion) – RNG

Boss Demonic Nemora

  • Combination 1: Anasta, Joan, Mortas, Kren, Maetria (L) (Souffle)
  • Combination 2: Orthos / Antandra / Skreg, Joan, Mortas, aBrutus / Anasta, Maetria (L) (Souffle)

How To Get Ainz AFK Arena?

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Players can get Ainz Ooal Gown by either exchanging resources in-game or buying the Dimensional Hero with actual money. It would cost 40,000 Hero Coins.

Getting hold of Aiz comes at a very high price and you may need to rack up a huge sum of resources that you can exchange further to purchase the hero.

Some other resources required to obtain Ainz Ooal Gown are:

  • 40,000 Guild Couns'
  • 200,000 Labyrinth Tokens
  • 199,995 Gladiator Coins

After each exchange of resources, players will be granted one hero shard. To get the actual hero, players require 60 hero shards and one can exchange the coins and tokens for them.

200,000 Lab Tokens and 40,000 Guild Coins would be enough to get Ainz as it equals 60 shards.