Caleb Williams has a girlfriend Valery Orellana who is a journalist and social media personality. Orellana studies at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill.

Valery comes from Rockville, Maryland, and studied at Richard Montgomery High School. After high school, she enrolled at the University of North Carolina (UNC). We do not know how she met Caleb, but we do know that they were first seen together in October 2020 through their IG account. 

Caleb and Valery are athletes, as his girlfriend indulged in field hockey during her school days. She is the Co-Founder of an organization called Evenin' Out The Playing Field, which works to aid people of color to access sports of their preference easily.

Caleb Williams Girlfriend Valery Orellana Has A Outdoor Lifestyle

Caleb's girlfriend likes to travel outdoors and has shown a lot of her outdoor lifestyle on social media. 

On July 16, 2018, Valery posted on her IG account with her friend, and they were having a fantastic summer night in the nightlight of New York in shorts and tank tops.

Valery prefers an outdoor lifestyle as she likes to travel, party and eat with with her friends
Source : instagram

Valery was seen with her friend in a restaurant with vintage yellow lantern designs in April 2018. 

Valery enjoying the night with her friends
Source : instagram

She was seen on 9th December 2018, partying with her friend, holding happy birthday balloons, and dancing. 

Valery Orellana partying with her friends in 2018
Source : instagram

Valery was seen on 10th February 2019 enjoying roller skating and wrote a witty caption of 'watch your step.' She was seen enjoying the summer vibes on June 3, 2020, showcasing her charming eyes with a suburban neighborhood and a clear blue sky in the background. 

Valery Orellana was seen roller skating with her friend in 2019
Source : instagram

She was also seen wearing classy jeans, Nike Jordan, and a jacket with her boyfriend's hat on December 28, 2020. She made a funny caption saying that she had borrowed Caleb's hat for the day. 

Valery Orellana was seen with Caleb's hat in 202019
Source : instagram

Valery Likes to go to the Beaches

Valery has showcased her summer trips to many beaches and likes going and spending her time there. 

She looked beautiful in the morning light of the Emerald Isle beach, North Carolina, on August 3, 2018. She also wore a yellow shirt that said 'Morehead City NC.' 

Valery has a fondness for beaches as has been there on many occasions
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She has been traveling in the sea with her friends too, as she has made some yacht trips as well. Making yacht trips is quite expensive, which shows that she values traveling a lot and will not care about expenses if she can have friends with her and enjoy the seas. 

She has also stated that she doesn't regret staying there late until 6 am once she is on the beach. This shows her love for relishing the beach's summer warmth. 

She was also seen in Nokomis Beach in Florida, where she spent her time, from showing her arrival to the beautiful Palm Trees and wandering the beach in the sunset. The setting sun brought out the warmth and beauty of the horizon. 

Valery loves to spend her time in beaches and has made lots of summer trips around the USA
Source : instagram

Valery's First Semester Life at UNC

Valery joined UNC in August 2021 and has made many memories right from the first semester. 

She posted a collage of photos about her first semester on December 9, 2021. She was present in a game with her two friends in support of her college's basketball team, Chapel Hill. The stadium was packed with many Chapel Hill fans, and their blue jerseys were seen all over the picture. She also posed a lovely picture with a UNC Nike hat to showcase her support. 

Valery was seen with her friends in her first semester at the basketball stadium in support of the UNC team
Source : instagram

She and her friends had a lovely memory in a Mexican restaurant with the Spanish 'Mexico my Love' in the background. They were having fun, and one even wore a Sombrero. She has been active in going out with girlfriends to multiple restaurants and enjoying the meal there. 

Valery with her friends having a good time in a Mexican Restaurant
Source : instagram

She has been cheering for her UNC soccer team, which shows her love for the university and its extracurricular activities. She has also played field hockey since high school, so actively supporting and watching various sports tells us that she is interested in sports too. 

Valery was seen having a good time with her friends in the soccer stadium
Source : instagram

Her first semester's photos and videos capture a freshman's charming and energetic life in university. Her love and energy for her university, her value in friendships, and her involvement in outdoor activities bring out a charm in her that many students don't or won't possess. 

In November 2022, she has been trying to collect money for her friend, Sarah, who unfortunately got an unexpected brain injury. The medical cost is too high, so she has set up a GoFundme page to donate to her friend and ensure that Sarah gets all the care and facilities for a speedy recovery. Her value for friendship and caring attitude is admirable. 

Valery's Career Complements Her Outgoing Nature

Valery has made a stunning career working in sectors that brings her outgoing personality like marketing, public relations and social entrepreneurship
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We have looked at Valery's outdoor Lifestyle; however, she also has a career that complements her outgoing nature.

Valery studies a Bachelor of Arts at the UNC Hussman School of Journalism and Media. She was a hostess in Gringos and Mariachis for 2 years and displayed her outgoing nature by handling 50+ guests at their tables. She also worked as a hostess for Mission Dupont for 7 months. 

She has also worked as a marketing intern for the Miss Empower organization and a marketing coordinator for UNC's Student Life and Leadership. A career in marketing requires a charming personality and people skills, and she has delivered on those as she is still active. 

Then she has also been working as the USG Senate Public Relations Manager at UNC for 1 month. This role also helps her strengthen her communication and people skills. 

Moreover, she is active in social entrepreneurship too. She founded the 'Evenin' Out The Playing Field' organization with another person, Nora Elsayed. They have been working to uplift minorities by getting opportunities in many white-dominated sports like field hockey. 

Her entrepreneurial project to improve the lives of underprivileged people and bring change certainly portrays an inner beauty in her. 

Valery and Caleb Went to a Prom Together

Caleb Williams and his girlfriend were seen together in a prom as seen on her IG post on October, 2020
Source : instagram

Caleb Williams went to a prom with his girlfriend, and they looked happy together.

Valery posted the photo with Caleb on her IG account on October 2020, and it shook her 2700 followers. This is the only photo in her IG that features Caleb too. 

The couple looked cute in that picture, with the background of trees and a river that made a fine tune with the rich atmospheric aura. 

The NFL star was wearing a black turtleneck sweater with a greyish-black blazer. He also had a beautiful white rose attached to his coat pocket. He wore black jeans and casual black sneakers. His girlfriend wore a fabulous pink off-shoulder ruched dress and a homecoming court sash. 

Her followers commented about how they looked beautiful. They look pretty adorable in each others' arms. 

From her love for beaches to her outdoor lifestyle, Caleb William's girlfriend, Valery, is a stunner who has racked up a great career and features inner beauty with her caring and helpful personality.