Bryce Young parents are Craig Young and Julie Young. Bryce is an American footballer born on July 5, 2001 in Philadelphia.

The Crimson Tide quarterback grew up in a sports-loving family, with his father being a big fan of basketball and the Los Angeles Lakers. 

One of his finest achievements was coaching youth sports for around ten years. Well, now, his son, Young, is also pursuing a career in football. He is a redshirt sophomore quarterback for the University of Alabama. 

He was a highly regarded high school recruit who served as the Crimson Tide's backup quarterback in 2019 and 2020. He was named the starter for Alabama in 2021.

Bryce Young Father Is A Public Speaker

Bryce Young dad Craig Young is a certified therapist with over 25 years of experience in the mental health sector.

Craig is a graduate of UCLA with a B.A. in sociology and Pacific Oaks College with an M.A. in marital and family counseling. 

His LinkedIn page lists him as a Young Consulting Group public speaker since 2011.

Craig grew up in Harbor City, California, after being born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. He is an unapologetic food snob who enjoys trying new eateries. 

Craig Young's photo from 2017 as he was sitting on a couch at their home.
Source : facebook

He has also been interviewed and cited by ESPN, the Associated Press, CBS Sports, The Los Angeles Times, Fox Sports, USA Today, The Athletic, The Ringer, Yahoo Sports, and The Philadelphia Inquirer. Craig has also been on several podcasts. 

Bryce Has A Inspiring Story

Craig shared his son's inspirational story during the Heisman ceremony that Alabama broadcasted in November 2021. 

As per The L.A. Times, Young's father utilized his instincts, which he gained through his football career that never took off. Craig is not just an average quarterback father; he is pretty calculated and moves with elegance.

Young with his father Craig in 2015, when he was in his early teens and playing for Cathedral
Source : facebook

Besides, Young and Kevin Pearson, who coached his son in his first two years of high school at L.A. Cathedral, met while Bryce was in the seventh grade. 

Pearson viewed a young football video of Bryce and couldn't believe how the ball spun off his hand. Given Craig's goals, it's no wonder the Youngs opted to send Bryce to Cathedral for ninth grade. 

When he met Craig, he wanted him to realize something crucial about the coming years. 

Bryce Young Mother Julie

Bryce mom Julie Young is a native of Pasadena, California. Julie has been with Craig for 30 years, having married on 29 July 1995. 

Her husband celebrated their 25th anniversary with a throwback photo from their wedding, describing her as the kindest, honest person he has ever encountered.

Craig and his wife, Julie, on their wedding day in July 1995
Source : twitter

On the other hand, Julie's Facebook page states that she currently resides in Los Angeles with her husband and son. Similarly, the page includes a link to products for the University of Alabama's t-shirts, which cost $25.

Her Facebook profile contains a limited number of pictures, but most of them show her devouring time with her family. A photograph she shared in June 2014 shows her father's portrait, whose name is reported to be Ray. 

Bryce, Craig, and Julie pose like the Heisman Trophy during a 2021 premiere
Source : facebook

The family of three is frequently seen together at award ceremonies, and Julie and Craig have been hollering for their son from the audience row throughout his match.

She is excited about the prospect of Bryce going into the first round of the 2023 NFL Draft.

Bryce Young Family Life Growing Up

Bryce grandparents reside in Laverock, Pennsylvania. Bryce's grandfather Rusty Fyre worked as a DJ and graduated from Roosevelt High School. 

Looking at his family history, Bryce is the second household generation with a sporting background. Craig and Bryce's young photos on their jersey can be seen in images posted on his grandfather's Facebook page. 

Young with his family at Maxwell Football Club in March 2022
Source : facebook

Bryce's aunt, Leslee Jenise, has also published a photo of the Young family at an event in March 2022, all dressed in casual attire. 

The family of three had an excellent opportunity to share a part of their journey navigating sports, lineage, and mental health. 

Does Bryce Young Have Siblings? 

Bryce is the only child born to Craig and Julie. Bryce does, however, have cousins and a god sister named Maddison Potts.

Bryce with his sister (Craig's god daughter) on April 13, 2013
Source : facebook

Moreover, Young and his Potts posed for a photo in an image uploaded on Craig's Facebook page where Craig named her his goddaughter in the comment.

Bryce has cousins on both his paternal and maternal sides.