Boise State quarterbacks by year include Taylen Green (2023), Hank Bachmeier (2022), Colt Fulton (2021), Jack Sears (2020) and Chase Cord (2019).

The college football history of Boise State University, which is based in Boise, Idaho, is one that is filled with memorable events and a tradition of excellence.

The Broncos' football program has won praise from across the country for its revolution, fervent fan base, and a line of gifted quarterbacks who have made a lasting impression on the game.

The most recognizable Boise State QBs in history are perhaps Kellen Moore and Taylor Tharp. Numerous NCAA records are held by Moore, a Broncos player from 2008 to 2011, including the most career victories by a starting quarterback

Boise State Football Quarterbacks

Players NameYear
Taylen Green2023
Hank Bachmeier2022
Colt Fulton2021
Jack Sears2020
Chase Cord2019
Jaylon Henderson2018
Montell Cozart2017
Brett Rypien2016
Ryan Finley2015
Grant Hedrick2014

Taylen Green - 2023

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Graduated his high school in Lewisville, Texas, Taylen Green enrolled in Boise State for college football in 2021.

In the first year, he could only manage two appearances with the Broncos where he had 5 attempts in 2 yards, as he was a cover for Hank Bachmeiner that year.

However, in his second year i.e. 2022, he initially started the season as a backup but soon was always named in the Boise State football starting lineup ahead of Bachmeier.

He made a total of 13 appearances that year including 10 starts. He made a pass for 48 yards and rushed for 195 making 2 touchdowns in his first-ever start.

His record so far for the Broncos is 8-2 with 166 passes completed out of 271 attempts, 61.3 percent passing completion, made passing yards of 2042, and 14 passing touchdowns with 6 interceptions.

Hank Bachmeier - 2022

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Hank Bachmeier previously played for the Broncos from 2019 to 2022 and recently transferred to Louisiana Tech for the final year.

In his freshman year, he played a total of 8 games and made 137 passes out of 219 passing attempts with 62.6 percent passing completion, 1879 passing yards, 9 passing touchdowns, and six passing interceptions.

His first was much better than his second year as he could only manage 5 appearances. But in the third year as a junior, he played as many as 12 games and made 252 passing out of 401 attempts with 62.8 percent completion, a passing yard of 3079, 20 passing touchdowns, and 8 interceptions.

In his last season with the team in 2022 when he left mid-season he played for 4 matches and completed 51 passes out of 94 attempts with a 54.3 percent completion rate he made 6 passes for touchdowns and made 3 interceptions.

Colt Fulton - 2021

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Colt Fulton was a three-star recruit in his high school days. He threw for 274 yards and 2 touchdowns in a playoff match as a high school junior.

In his high school senior, he could only make 5 appearances because of the COVID pandemic that was spread all over the world.

He enrolled with the Boise State University in 2021 and made no appearance that year. But in 2022 he made appearances in 2 matches, his debut match came against Colorado State on 29th October while his other last appearance was against Nevada on 12th November, and picked up his first down on 7 yard rush. 

Jack Sears - 2020

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Jack Sears transferred from USC Trojans to Boise State University in 2020. He was the Trojans' third-choice quarterback but managed a few game times there.

His first-ever college game came against Arizona State in 2018. In that year, he completed 20 passes out of 28 passing attempts, passing yards of 235, 2 touchdowns, and made 10 yards rushing. He made no appearance the next year as he was more focused on his studies.

After joining Boise in his first season, he made 3 appearances in total 2 of them were starts. He completed 23 passes out of 27 passing attempts with 85.2 percent passing completion, 332 passing yards 3 passes for the touchdowns but no interception. His first start for Boise came against the Air Force.

However, his 2021 was not as good as expected making 4 appearances, only 2 passes completed in 6 attempts, and made passing yards of 48 with just one passing interception.

Chase Cord - 2019

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Having joined the Boise State Broncos in 2017, Chase Cord did not play any game that year but played a few matches the following year.

In 2018, he only made a total of four appearances for the Broncos as his season ended early in October because of the injury. Out of 4 matches he played, he could only manage to complete 6 passing out of 9 attempts with 67 passing yards and one touchdown pass with one interception.

His second season was much better as he recovered from the injury on time to make 9 appearances. where he went on to make 57 passes out of 95 attempts with 60 percent passing completion and 670 passing yards with a total of 9 touchdown passes and 3 interceptions.

Jaylon Henderson - 2018

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Boise State University is Jaylon Henderson's third College. Having joined UTSA Roadrunners and Trinity Valley CC he finally transferred to the the Broncos.

In 2016 for the Trinity Valley, he played 4 games. Next year he was accountable for 100 out of 187 passes made for 1081 yards with 9 passing touchdowns and 1 interception.

After joining the Broncos in 2018, he played 3 games in his first season as his debut game came against UConn Huskies football.

In his 2nd season, he made 9 appearances out of which 4 came as a start. He made 89 passes out of 143 passing attempts with 62.2 percent passing completion for 1080 yards, with the team's best 12 touchdown passes and just 2 interceptions.

He also managed to score two as he was named offensive MVP of the MWC game.

Montell Cozart - 2017

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Montell Cozart began his college career with the Kansas Jayhawks at the University of Kansas. He then shifted to Boise State University in his senior year.

Before making a switch to the Broncos In 2016, he played 8 games out of which 7 were a start for the Jayhawks he made 112 passing out of 191 with 58.9 percent passing completions for 1075 yards, gave 7 passing touchdowns, and threw 9 interceptions.

He finished a season-high 24 passes for 250 yards and scoring against Oklahoma.

In 2017 he transferred to Boise State as a Red Shirt Senior. He made appearances in all 14 matches out of which only one was a start. 

His stats that year show he made 61 complete passes out of 97 attempts with 62.9 percent passing completion for 754 yards. He also made 10 passing touchdowns with one interception.

Brett Rypien - 2016

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Brett Rypien attended Boise State for his college football career. He has a footballing background as his uncle, Mark, was a Super Bowl-winning QB in the NFL.

Brett Rypien was one of the most skilled Boise quarterbacks in history throughout his college career. In 2016, he started all 13 matches. He completed that year with 244 complete passes out of 394 attempts with 61.9 percent passing completion for 3,646 passing yards and 24 touchdowns with 8 interceptions.

He completed his college time as the Mountain West's all-time leader in passing yards with 13581, with 1036 complete passes out of 1617 attempts, he also became the team's all-time leader in 300-yard games.

Brett Rypien entered the NFL as an undrafted free agent after his college career in 2019. He signed with the Denver Broncos and debuted in the NFL in 2019. He recently signed for the Los Angeles Rams.

Ryan Finley - 2015

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Ryan Finley had a mediocre football career at Boise State University. From 2014 to 2015, he was a member of the Boise State Broncos. 

In the 2014 season, he played in 5 games as he completed 12 passes out of 27 attempted passes with 44.4 percent passing completion for 161 yards and two touchdowns with one interception.

Likewise in the 2015 Season, he played just 3 games. He completed 46 passes out of 70 attempts with 65.7 percent passing completion for 485 passing yards and one touchdown with four interceptions.

He transferred to North Carolina State University in 2016.

Grant Hedrick - 2014

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Grant Hendrick has contributed significantly to the Broncos' success from 2010 through 2014 while a student at Boise State, he was a fan favorite in Boise State football.

Hedrick covered for starting quarterback Kellen Moore in 2011 during his sophomore year. When Joe Southwick suffered an injury in 2013, he took over as the starting quarterback, and that was Hedrick's big moment.

In the 2014 Fiesta Bowl, when the Broncos played the Arizona Wildcats, one of his career's major turning points occurred. Hedrick guided Boise State to a commanding 38-30 victory with elegance and tenacity.

He made his reputation as a standout player on the national stage by tossing for 309 yards and 5 touchdowns in the match. He is also one of the best players in Boise State quarterback history.