BG3 grymforge wrought iron gate is a large door that is impossible to lockpick. It does not even have a key to enter but there are some ways to bypass it.

One immediate way to open the gate is by turning the lever to the opposite side with the Mage Hand spell. Spells for teleportation or direct attacks against the gate may also work out.

There is a lever next to a statue of a gargoyle just outside the door.

The forge is shielded from outside forces and scavengers by the gate. The duergars are a prideful race who are very proud of what they do. They would not want outsiders to defile their forge.

The duergars do not want outsiders to have an easy time gaining access to their stronghold and the gate is there for the higher difficulty level and a challenge for the players to play.

The gate is located on a passage that is lined with traps in the Underdark, close to the coordinates X -652, and Y 370. It can be difficult to figure out how to get past this door, and you may be wondering whether there is a key nearby that can open it.

On a different note, BG3 Adamantine Forge Stuck can happen because of a bug in the game or if you don't follow the steps properly and if you kill Grym very closely to the forge.

If that happens you can simply reload your save and check if the steps are in the accurate order or not or else you and just report the problem to the developers.

How To Open Wrought Iron Gate BG3?

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To open wrought iron gate BG3 you have to locate a lever close to a gargoyle on the opposite side of the wall.

You can teleport over the fence and to the lever if you possess the Mage Hand or Misty Step spells. If not, you'll have to figure out another method to get there, as there are few other methods to open it.

Using the adjacent conveyor belt is one method to get at the lever. Using the conveyor belt requires caution because it is also confined. Hence, you can leap onto the platform where the lever is once you get to the end of the conveyor belt.

Using the path above the bridge offers an additional route to the lever. Although the passage is blocked, it is not as hazardous as the conveyor belt.

You will be able to come down onto the platform where the lever resides if you reach the end of the trail. When you get to the lever, all you have to do is pull to open the gate, and just inside the door, there might be some kind of blockages or traps so go ahead and be super alert.

However, there are no particular keys to open the large iron gate but another way to open the gate is by placing explosive items at the gate.

This is not a recommended way to get inside the gate but if you keep trying the above ways and keep failing then you can opt for the explosive way to get in.

But you need to be careful when you place the explosive items on the game as you should get far away from the gate. Once the gate is exploded then you will have a way to go in.

Also, try damaging the gate with the weapon available and see if you can get past it.

You can go through a BG3 Grymforge walkthrough, as it is a manual that aids players in navigating Baldur's Gate 3's Grymforge castle.

BG3 How To Use Adamantine Forge?

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Once you manage to open the Iron Gate and get to Grymforge, the party will finally arrive at the Adamantine Forge, which is located well below the Duergar staging area.

The Adamantine Forge is a task in Baldur's Gate 3 that asks you to use it to create a weapon or armor.

To use Adamantine Forge first of all you need to have a mold of the weapon and armor you want to forge, along with that, you will also want a piece of mithril ore.

After you have all of it, you need to visit the Adamantine Forge and Place the mold in the Mold Chamber. Simply click on the Mold Chamber and then on the mold in your inventory to place it.

Likewise, you need to fill the crucible with mithril ore and then click on the crucible and then on the mithril ore in your inventory to place it in the crucible.

Pull the Forge Lever, by just clicking on it the Forge Lever will be pulled and by clicking the Lava Valve, open the Lava Valve.

Await the completion of the forging procedure. It will take a few seconds to finish the forging process. Lava will flow into the Mold Chamber from the Crucible while the forging process is in progress.

The mithril ore will melt in the lava and take on the shape of the mold.

After pressing the Forge Lever once again, you can now reclaim your newly forged item by pulling the Forge Lever another time after the forging procedure is finished.

If you have Adamantine Forge BG3 Lava Valve Stuck then ensure that you have all the required supplies. To operate the Adamantine Forge, you'll need a mold, ore, and fuel. Make sure to check if the valve is on or not.

At times, the platform may get misaligned; thus, attempt elevating and lowering the platform to determine whether it resolves the lava valve stuck BG3.

Minor flaws and errors can also be fixed with a simple restart. You can watch the video below to learn how to use Adamantine Forge as well as where to find it:

BG3 Adamantine Forge Items

BG3 Adamantine Forge items are listed below:

  • Adamantine Splint Armor
  • Adamantine Shield
  • Adamantine Scale Mail
  • Adamantine Longsword
  • Adamantine Scimitar
  • Adamantine Mace

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Adamantine Splint Armor

It provides the enormous degree of protection that most heavy armor sets aim for but only a few do.

For a further level of durability, the Adamantine Splint Armor protects critical hits, just like the other defensive alternatives.

Adamantine Shield

It is for sure the most adaptable Baldur's Gate 3 defense choice available from the Adamantine Forge because it only requires a free hand to be effective.

Adamantine shield is the most adaptable Baldur's Gate 3 defense choice available from the Adamantine Forge.

It also gives a defensive item a slight attacking edge.

Adamantine Scale Mail

The Adamantine Scale Mail is a medium-weighted armor that reduces all incoming damage, including magical damage, by one and applies a Reeling effect to attackers, making it more difficult to land blows and prevent fatal hits.

Adamantine Longsword

The Adamantine Longsword is the greatest choice because it has a Versatile feature.

It can be used with one hand, and it has a larger damage potential than either the scimitar or the mace while using the same damage type as the scimitar even when wielded one-handed.

The only major disadvantage of the longsword is that it lacks the Finesse trait of the scimitar, displaying it meaningless for martial who prioritize Dexterity.

Adamantine Scimitar

The Adamantine Scimitar is quite similar to its mace cousin, but there are a few important distinctions that allow it to win.

It has a Light attribute, which implies it may be dual-wielded by anyone with no particular training.

It also has the Finesse characteristic, making it the only Adamantine weapon suitable for martial warriors that prioritize Dexterity.

Adamantine Mace

Even though the Adamantine Mace is one of the most attractive forge tools, it is not very functional and is quickly surpassed by other tools.

You probably will never have to use this weapon to break an object in one turn in battle. To interact with the environment more effectively, it is advisable to store the mace as a tool, similar to a shovel.

Overall, out of all these six weapons, the Adamantine Splint Armor and the Adamantine Longsword are looked at as the best weapons. But which Adamantine Forge item you decide to build will depend on the requirements and playstyle of your team.

An excellent choice if you require a strong weapon to cut through barriers and structures is the Adamantine Longsword or Mace.

A decent option for providing your party members with durable armor is the Adamantine Splint Armor or Scale Mail. Furthermore, the Adamantine Shield is a fantastic choice if you require a shield to give your party members extra protection.