Best skating style NHL 23 is Hustle Style 1 with all other ratings maxed out at 99. Choose option 17 for the best result in shot style.

In the 2021 update, EA Sports introduced an exciting feature called "Skating Styles" to enhance the skating experience in the game. This fantastic addition allows players to customize the appearance of skaters, giving them a unique and personalized look on the ice.

The way a player skates affects their speed, agility, and mobility on the ice, which are all essential skills in NHL. There are different skating styles that forward and defensemen can use to their advantage, and mastering these techniques can give players a competitive edge.

But that's not all! The game also offers the opportunity to emulate the styles of some of the top skaters in the world. You can now adopt these renowned athletes' signature moves and techniques, immersing yourself in their graceful and powerful performances.

NHL 23 Skating Styles

Skating Styles in the NHL 23 are:

  • Spine Angle
  • Spine Curve
  • Stride Gait
  • Stride Distance
  • Stride Height
  • Upper Body Twist
  • Hustle Style
  • Hustle Arm Swing Motion
  • Hustle Arm Snap
  • Handed Arm Swing
  • One Handed Stick Swing
  • One Handed Stick Height
  • Two Handed Stick Swing
  • Two Handed Stick Angle
  • Two Handed Stick Sweep

While EA Sports kept the skating style feature in its 32nd edition of the NHL game franchise, the question remains as to whether the shot and styles selected for a player in the NHL series, specifically in the EASHL mode, have any impact on the player's performance in the game.

Although some gamers have mentioned that the skating style might make a difference in the game, many have not found any concrete effect during the game.

The NHL 23 best skating style is to use Style 1, with all 99 ratings. Using the "Shot Style 17" option is recommended for the shooting style, as it is the one where the stick goes the highest.

Image of best styles for skating in the game.
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For visual settings, the creator advises using medium settings for all modes. Just emulate this recommendation instead of going through a more detailed explanation.

Suppose you're unfamiliar with selecting the styles of skating for your player. In that case, you can easily choose from a pack of exceptional players who naturally possess the most impressive skating techniques.

Some of them are Connor McDavid (Edmonton Oilers), Nathan MacKinnon (Colorado Avalanche), Auston Matthews (Toronto Maple Leafs), Patrick Kane (Chicago Blackhawks), and Mitch Marner (Toronto Maple Leafs).

Best Archetype in NHL 23

Archetypes in NHL 23 for offensive forwards are:

  • Playmaker
  • Sniper
  • Two-way
  • Power forward
  • Grinder
  • Enforcer

Playmaker and Sniper archetypes are hands down the best archetype NHL 23 for an offensive forward in the game. Archetypes are pre-built player templates that define the attributes, skills, and tendencies given to each player.

Playmaker and Sniper Archetypes for forward
Source : sportslulu

For excellent passing accuracy and puck control, Playmaker is the best for you. Playmakers excel at distributing the puck to their teammates and have exceptional passing skills and the ability to handle the puck effectively. They prioritize maintaining possession for as long as possible.

However, if you love shooting, Sniper Archetype is handy for you. Their strengths include alp shot accuracy, wrist shot power, speed, and slap shot power, which means you can hit anytime.

Defensive archetypes consist of:

  • Offensive
  • Defensive
  • Enforcer
  • Two Way

For defense, the Offensive Archetype is arguably the best. They dominate in passing and puck control, making them highly effective in launching attacks and contributing to offensive plays.

While they may have lower ratings in defensive attributes like strength (1-bar) and body checking (1-bar), their speed (4-bar) and acceleration (4-bar) make up for it. San Jose's Erik Karlsson has the offensive archetype.

NHL 23 Archetypes for Goaltenders

  • Hybrid
  • Stand up
  • Butterfly

Among the three styles of archetypes for a goalie, Hybrid Archetype is the best fit. It brings the best of both offensive and defense, a combined balance template essential to opponents' shots during the game. 

Hybrid Archetype for goalie in EA Sports NHL
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The Hybrid player has strong abilities in saving shots aimed at the upper part of the net, both with their glove and stick (four bars each). However, their weakness lies in their endurance and durability, as these attributes have a rating of three bars each.

NHL 23 Best Shot Style

Shot Style 17 is considered the best Shot Style NHL 23. In Style 17, the stick goes the highest, providing the best overall shooting type.

There are altogether 20 different shot syle in the NHL video game franchise, with each one being unique to another. While Shot Style 1 is standard shooting mode, the rest of the 19 styles are based on certain NHL players. 

The Style 17 goes to the Vancouver Canucks forward Elias Pettersson from Sweden. Besides, the Shot Style 20 is also among the top shooting techniques in the game. 

There are 20 Shot Styles in the EA Sports video game.
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However, determining the best shot style is a matter of personal preference and varies from player to player. Different players have different playing styles and experience levels, which heavily influence their choice of shot style.

Similar to how a target crosshair is used in a first-person shooter (FPS) game, discovering the perfect shooting style for yourself often involves thinking outside the box. Although it's tempting to stick with what we know works best, it's valuable to venture out and try new methods.

However, it is straightforward that you may not always have the luxury of time or energy to explore various options. In such situations, shot style 17 can be a valuable asset and a reliable companion.