Cheerleading is a very prevalent aspect of many sports. Especially in North American sporting events, there rarely is an event held with no cheerleaders. NFL is one such league where cheerleading is an essential game aspect.

Just as there are star players, there are main cheerleaders for every team within the team's cheerleading group. The cheerleaders for every team don't only cheer but also do other activities on the side. For instance, cheerleaders for teams could also be acting or modeling to earn extra money. Or, more likely, many cheerleaders do cheerleading as a temporary side thing while trying to pursue a career elsewhere.

Like every other North American sport, there is a massive interest in cheerleaders among NFL fans. Cheerleaders provide NFL fans to look at something whenever there is a dull moment in the game as well as cheerleaders help keep the crowd excited and pumped during the game. Cheerleaders also do the act of lightening the mood and motivating the players and fans alike. 

We've looked at some of the best NFL cheerleaders who are both hot and attractive. There are many amazing cheerleaders, and each one is really good or genuinely great. We can't feature them all, and we will miss out on some great names across the league.

So, here goes the 20 best NFL cheerleaders, according to us.

1. Vanessa Wahl

The first entry to our list of the best NFL cheerleaders is Vanessa Wahl. Vanessa Wahl has been an Indianapolis Colts cheerleader for the past four years, and earlier this year, she ended her tenure.

Her father was a huge Colts fan, and being associated with the Colts was significant for her. Her biggest dream and a to-do on her buck list were to be a Pro-bowl cheerleader. And earlier this year, in February, she was part of the Pro-bowl cheerleading group as a member of the Colts. 

Her father, who recently passed away, would love to see her be part of the Pro-bowl cheerleader, and she acknowledges it.

Being part of the Pro-bowl cheerleading group was Vanessa's dream
Source : instagram

Talking about the look, she is absolutely stunning and very cheerful.

2. Shaniah

Next on our list of best NFL cheerleaders is Shaniah. Shaniah has been with the Las Vegas Raiders for the past six years. 

She assumes the role of the captain of the Raiders cheerleading group. Shaniah was previously named the best Raiders cheerleader or the 'Raiderette' of the Year in 2020 and 2021.

Shaniah was named 'Raiderette' of the year on back to back occasions
Source : instagram

The beautiful cheerleader showed the Raiders media that she prefers wearing biker shorts during the day and an oversized t-shirt and sneakers. Whereas, during the evening, she likes jeans, a trendy top, and high heels to go along with it. Looking at her Instagram profile, we can approve that she looks gorgeous and can look good with anything she wears.

3. Jacqueline Ward

Jacqueline Ward is another beauty who is a cheerleader in the NFL. The 2nd year professional does the cheerleading for the LA Rams.

Yet another 2022 Pro-bowl cheerleader, Jacqueline Ward, is very ambitious and hard-working. On Ram's official website, to the Rams media, she opened up about how she would suggest her younger self, do what she would want to do, and believe what's right as everyone has their path to walk, and no one can and should keep them away from it.

Along with being Ram's cheerleader, she also is a high school dance director. She has a gorgeous face and belongs on this list we have going.

The 2nd year Rams' cheerleader has a very captivating face
Source : instagram

4. Julia Rossi

Yet another cheerleader who was part of the Pro-bowl 2022 and a deserved entrant on our list is New England Patriots Alumni All-Star cheerleader Julia Rossi. 

Apart from her cheerleading work, she also works as a Dental Hygienist. She hopes and aims to work in a dental hygiene clinic and help other youngsters to become licensed hygienists. 

She is in a relationship with Nick Altieri. She is one of the best-looking cheerleaders and the former captain of the Patriots cheerleading group. 

She witnessed the Patriots' second Super Bowl dominance while she was with them in their dynastic years.

Julia Rossi experienced the second half of Patriots' dynastic years
Source : instagram

5. Austyn Bazzano

Austyn Bazzano is next on our list of the best and most good-looking cheerleaders in the NFL. The first-year cheerleader is associated with Miami Dolphins.

Austyn Bazzano is one of the most good looking NFL cheerleaders
Source : instagram

Looking at her Instagram profile, we can say that she has a huge interest in dance and athletic activities, which no doubt helps her cheerleading career. 

Hailing from Utah, Austyn Bazzano is very fond of mechanical activities and loves working on cars and other vehicles. She cements her place on our list with a gorgeous face and a captivating personality.

6. Victoria Landron

Yet another member of the Miami Dolphin's cheerleading group, Victora Landron, makes our list of best NFL cheerleaders.

Recently graduated from Flordia University, the first-year cheerleader seems to be very close with her family, judging from her Instagram profile.

With such a stunning look and beauty, she can be enormous in her cheerleading career while pursuing her other dreams.

The first year cheerleader could have a huge career in cheerleading
Source : instagram

7. Sam R.

Sam R. from the Jets cheerleading group, or the Jets' Flight Crew, is our next entry into this list of the best cheerleaders in the NFL. 

Sam R. is a Veteran cheerleader and has been with the Jets' crew for the past six years.

Sam R. has been with the Jets for 6 years
Source : instagram

A native of Sayreville, New Jersey, Sam R. is also a middle school mathematics teacher, along with being the Jets' cheerleader. She also had the privilege to be part of the 2022 Pro-bowl. 

She has a very glowing look and a charming personality, which makes her a worthy entrant on this list. 

8. Priscilla W.

Priscilla W. is next on our list of the best cheerleaders the NFL has to offer. Priscilla W. is part of the Atlanta Falcons cheerleading group.

Coming from Marietta, Georgia, very close to Atlanta, she has been cheerleading for her hometown team and is currently in her 5th year with the team.

Priscilla W. has been with the Falcons for five years
Source : atlantafalcons

During her tenure with the Falcons, she has also been studying and recently completed her bachelor's while doing some side jobs like a Gymnastics instructor and IT firm recruiter. 

Her mother was also a part of the Falcons cheerleading squad back in the day, and Priscilla proudly presents the fact to the world. The curly-haired beauty is impressive, and she takes a spot on our list. 

9. Danielle C.

Danielle C. from the Arizona Cardinals cheerleading squad is our next entry to the list of best NFL cheerleaders. 

The fourth-year running Cardinals cheerleading captain comes from Eau Claire, Wisconsin. 

Danielle has a very pleasing smile and a very captivating look. She is one of the best cheerleaders, and we are happy to put her on the list.

Danielle C. has a very pleasing smile and a captivating look
Source : azcardinals

10. Jenna M.

Yet another member from the Falcons cheerleading squad on our list is Jenna M. The 6th year running cheerleader has an adorable smile.

Jenna M. has been Falcons cheerleader for 6 years
Source : atlantafalcons

Jenna M. also works as an IT recruiter while not cheerleading with the group. Hailing from charlotte North Carolina, she was also a member of the East Carolina University dance team, from where she completed her graduation. 

Jenna M. is a charming person who enters our list as the 10th cheerleader to get a spot.

11. Kamilah Monique Coleman

The next entry on our list is Kamilah Monique Coleman or Kamilah C. This beauty was the cheerleader for the Panthers from 2017 until 2022. 

She is yet another one of our entrants who was part of the 2022 Pro-bowl cheerleading team.

Kamilah was part of the 2022 Pro-bowl cheerleading team
Source : instagram

Apart from cheerleading, she is a self-made businesswoman who is invoked in the real estate business and a certified financial planner.

The 29-year-old beauty is in a relationship with Josh, with whom she frequently posts her pictures on Instagram.

12. Lexie S.

Another NFL cheerleader who makes our list of the most beautiful and best cheerleader is Lexie Smith (Sullivan) or Lexie S.

She is part of the Dallas Cowboys cheerleading squad. The Cowboys has such a massive fanbase that their cheerleaders even have their fandom wiki page.

Lexie S. is very popular among Dallas Cowboys fans
Source : instagram

Lexie S. represented Dallas in the 2022 Pro-bowl just like several of our other inductees had done for their respective teams. 

Apart from cheerleading, she is also involved in real estate. She has a beautiful face and a great personality, which makes her a lock in this list.

13. Micah D.

Our next pick for our list of best NFL cheerleaders is Detroit Lion's cheerleader Micah D. 

Micah D. has an amazing look, and her Curly hair makes her even more captivating.

Micah D.'s amazing curly hair adds to her personality
Source : instagram

She also was a part of the 2022 Pro-bowl cheerleading team, and we believe she has a spot on our list of the best NFL cheerleaders. 

14. Shakiia R.

Shakiia R. is our next pick for the best NFL cheerleaders list. The five-year veteran is the cheerleader for the Houston Texans.

Shakiia R. is a five year Texans veteran cheerleader
Source : instagram

Shakiia's dream has always been to become a professional cheerleader, and she started practicing cheerleading at a competitive cheer gym when she was just six. 

The University of Houston Alumni has a great smile and a nice build. She deserves to be on a list discussing NFL's best cheerleaders as she is one of them. 

15. Tiffany G.

Kansas City Chiefs' beautiful Tiffany G. is next on our list of beautiful and best NFL cheerleaders.

She has been cheerleading for the Kansas City Chiefs for the past six years. She is now a veteran of the group. 

Although a veteran, she is still one of the most beautiful cheerleaders Chiefs has and also within the league. She also has a great personality and a friendly nature, which makes her even more beautiful and unique.

Tiffany G. is one of the most beautiful cheerleaders within the league
Source : chiefs

She will be a great addition to our list. 

16. Shardae

Another absolute beauty of a woman who graces our list is the Eagles' cheerleader, Shardae. 

The six-year-old veteran has a bachelor's degree in arts and communication and is an alumnus of Rutgers University.

Apart from the cheerleading activity, she is also a high-school special education teacher. 

Hailing from Willingboro, New Jersey, she is a stunning beauty as well as a talent. She is the perfect example of a strong independent woman.

Eagles' Shardae has abundance of both beauty and talent
Source : philadelphiaeagles

She undoubtedly comes into our list. 

17. Lauren A.

San Francisco 49ers' Lauren A. is another cracking cheerleader we have to feature in our list.

The veteran cheerleader has been doing this for seven years now.

Lauren A. is a 7 year cheerleading veteran
Source : 49ers

Hailing from San Jose, she has a master's in education from San Jose State University.

She is the first member of her family to graduate, and she is proud of that fact. She opened up to the 49ers media that she had always wanted to be a teacher and realized her dream. She teaches along with her cheerleading activities.

She represented the Niners at the 2022 Pro-bowl event as well. 

18. Julia

The next entry on this list is a rookie cheerleader for the Seattle Seahawks.

Julia is a rookie cheerleader for the Seattle Seahawks
Source : instagram

However, before this, she was part of the Chicago Bulls dance team and was captaining the squad. 

Even though she is a rookie, she has the looks and personality to make it huge in the NFL cheerleading world. 

Apart from cheerleading, she also choreographs dances as well as teaches dance. She describes herself as quirky. From her bio published on the seahawks website, we can say that she is a very family-oriented person. 

She seems a great person and deserving of a place on this list. 

19. Abigale

At 19 comes the beautiful and mesmerizing New Orleans Saints cheerleader Abigale.

The mesmerizing cheerleader cheers for New Orleans Saints
Source : instagram

Abigale had left the cheerleading. However, she has returned with the saints. Originally from Tampa, Florida, Abigale supports and cheers on for their rivals, Saints. 

The five-year veteran has a great build and a fantastic look, and she belongs on this list. 

20. Stephanie May

The final entry to our list and the one who completes it is the Buccaneers' cheerleader Stephanie May.

Apart from being the cheerleader for the Bucs, she is also a Hand Therapist.

She has a beautiful face and a vibrant nature. She is also in a relationship.

Bucs cheerleader Stephanie May has a beautiful face and a vibrant nature
Source : instagram

Stephanie May concludes our list of the best NFL cheerleaders. Who could we have added or be left out of the list? Do you agree with our picks?