Atlanta Braves TV announcers for the 2023 MLB season are Brandon Gaudin and Jim Powell. Brandon recently joined the network in February.

Meanwhile, Powell is in his 15th season as the broadcaster for the Braves radio network. He previously worked for Milwaukee Brewers. 

Several broadcasting networks for television and radio for the Atlanta Braves, such as Bally Sports and WNNX FM, have released their roster for the broadcasting team to cover the Braves' Major League games. 

For the 2023 baseball season, the Braves have made changes to their TV announcing team, bringing in new faces and saying goodbye to others. Following the go-to TV forerunner Chip Caray's exit, Brandon Gaudin stepped up as the new voice of the Bally Sports Braves TV booth.

Atlanta Braves Commentators List

Commentators for the Atlanta Braves 2023 MLB season are:

  • Brandon Gaudin
  • Ben Ingram [Radio]
  • Jim Powell [Radio]
  • Pete Manzano [Radio]

It is common for announcers in broadcasting units to play a double role as commentators. In addition to their announcing duties, they offer insights, analysis, and expert opinions on the strategies, tactics, and performances of the players.

Over the years, Atlanta has had many notable TV announcers, including Skip Caray, Pete Van Wieren, and Joe Simpson. They are not only extremely loved by the fans but also have cemented their legacies in Braves lore.

Brandon Gaudin joins the Braves behind the microphone crew
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When it comes to bringing the Braves MLB action to screens, the Bally Sports TV network has enlisted the skills of Brandon Gaudin, a talented sportscaster who goes solo to deliver the play-by-play.

Exciting news for Braves fans this year! There is a fresh voice behind the microphone for the 2023 campaign. However, some might recognize that voice already.

It turns out that the new broadcaster, Brandon Gaudin, has been lending his vocal talents to the popular EA Sports video game Madden NFL since 2017. So, avid gamers might already be familiar with his smooth commentary. 

In addition, Gaudin has been involved in the broadcast industry for more than a decade since he graduated from Butler University. The Indiana native has toiled for other networks like Fox Sports, Big Ten Network, ESPN, and Westwood One.

Brandon provides captivating play-by-play analysis for collegiate baseball, football, and basketball games throughout the NCAA tournaments.

With an illustrious background as the renowned voice of Georgia Tech football and men's basketball, his command over the microphone is undeniable.

Furthermore, he has skillfully delivered vibrant commentary for many NCAA championships on Turner Sports, in addition to covering handpicked ACC baseball and basketball matches on ESPN3.

The on-air team showing off their Skip and Pete Famous Calls Bobbleheads!
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Meanwhile, over on the radio, the dynamic trio of Jim Powell, Ben Ingram, and Pete Manzano join forces to provide their insightful commentary on the game. To tune in to Atlanta Braves on the radio network, WNNX FM has been providing the broadcast since 2019, along with WCNN. 

The primary Atlanta Braves Radio announcer, Jim Powell, has been calling major league baseball games for nearly three decades now.

Back in 1996, Powell became a valuable member of the Milwaukee Brewers broadcast team. He formed a formidable partnership with the legendary Bob Uecker as well as worked alongside Uecker.

Similarly, as the seasoned veteran of the Braves Radio Network, Ingram enters his 13th season, embracing his role in the radio booth for the 5th consecutive year as he weaves intricate play-by-play narratives for the audiences.

Atlanta Braves Broadcasters

Atlanta Braves Broadcast Team comprises of:

  • Kelly Crull
  • Lauren Jbara
  • Paul Byrd
  • Treavor Scales

Kelly Crull is a highly accomplished on-air contributor in the field of sports broadcasting. Since 2020, she has been an invaluable asset to Bally Sports Southeast and Bally Sports South as a fill-in TV host and primary game reporter.

Before joining these networks, Crull made her mark at Fox Sports regional networks. Her talents have also been recognized by NBC Sports, where she served as the Chicago Bulls sideline reporter during the 2018-19 season, delivering insightful coverage and analysis.

Kelly Crull performing her field duty in October 2022
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In 2022, Crull took on the role of a ground reporter for Major League Baseball, MLB on TBS, showcasing her ability to excel in different sports domains. 

Similarly, in 2022, Lauren Jbara came on board as a host and reporter for BSSE and BSSO coverage of the Atlanta Braves.

In addition to her work with the Braves, Jbara serves as a sideline reporter for the Atlanta Hawks, providing in-depth analysis and on-the-ground reporting during their thrilling NBA games.

Her versatility extends beyond basketball and baseball, as she also showcases her expertise as the host of the NHL Puck Line.

Paul Byrd, the former MLB star who graced the fields for the Bravos during the 1997-1998 season, has been a TV broadcaster for the Atlanta games since 2014.

Known for his astute analysis, Byrd not only serves as a TV analyst and reporter but also conducts on-the-field interviews. Besides, Paul has graced the screens of viewers nationwide while working with the renowned Fox Sports network.

Lauren Jbara at Bobby Dodd Stadium during MLB game in October 2022
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The multi-talented individual forged a distinctive path as a Major League Baseball (MLB) star playing for several clubs, including Philadelphia Phillies, Cleveland Indians, and Boston Red Sox.

Additionally, Treavor Scales, since 2022, has been captivating audiences as a TV broadcaster on Bally Sports South. The road to success started with ESPN, where he worked for eight years honing his aptitudes and building credibility.

During his time at ESPN, Scales was entrusted with significant broadcast roles, including hosting SportsNation on ESPN+, presenting on SportsCenter via Snapchat, and engaging fans through "The College Football Show" on platforms like YouTube, Twitter, and the ESPN app. 

Atlanta Braves Studio Analysts

Atlanta Braves game analysts are:

  • Jeff Francoeur
  • Nick Green
  • Peter Moylan
  • Brian Jordan
  • Fernando Palacios
  • Tom Glavine

The studio analyst for the Braves MLB season includes a competent cast of Jeff Francoeur, Peter Moylan, and Nick Green for Bally Sports. Whereas sportscaster Brian Jordan serves as a TV analyst for the Fox Sports coverage of the Braves game.

Jeff Francoeur, a former Major League Baseball player, has transitioned seamlessly into sports broadcasting. After hanging up his cleats, Jeff joined Bally Sports South and Southeast as a pundit.

His deep understanding of the game, honed through years of firsthand experience, made him an instant hit with viewers. The 2023 MLB season marked his 6th year calling games as lead analyst. Besides, in 2018, Jeff expanded his reach as a game critic for FOX Sports South.

On the other hand, Nick Green has been serving dual duty, both as an analyst and reporter for the Bally Sports South and Southeast. Green commenced his tenure as the staff of the Braves broadcasting team in 2015 on the Braves Live Post-game show. 

Nick brings a vast wealth of game knowledge to the team thanks to his decade-long playing career in Major League. He had the privilege of representing several clubs, including the Atlanta Braves, Red Sox, New York Yankees, and Seattle Mariners.

Nick Green joined the Braves LIVE in 2015
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These varied antecedents gave him a unique perspective on the game, allowing him to offer nuanced insights into team dynamics, player strategies, and the overall intricacies of baseball.

Peter Moylan has been with the Bally Sports analyzing team for the Braves since 2019. The same year he also joined Fox Sports South to work as an analyst in pregame and postgame shows.

Hailing from Lesmurdie, Perth, Australia, Moylan spent 12 seasons playing at the top-level baseball for several MLB franchises. He committed to the Braves for six seasons before moving to the Dodgers and City Royals and returning to the Braves in 2018.

A former MLB outfielder Brian Jordan plays an important role as a TV pre-game analyst for the Bravos. Jordan appears on the pregame show Braves Live, which aires on BSSE and BSSO.

Meanwhile, Fernando Palacios has been representing the Braves at the TBS SAP network. Since 2003, Palacios has provided in-depth analysis of team and player performances to Atlanta fans watching MLB games on TBS.

Another member of the reviewer team for the Braves is Tom Glavine, a former Atlanta player with 10 MLB All-Star selections. For the past decade, the 1995 World Series Champion has been a guest analyst on Atlanta Braves telecasts.