Ariel Helwani net worth is $5 million as a UFC gameday analyst. Helwani is a Sports Journalist known for his work in MMA Fightings.

As one of the greatest sports reporters, the American-Canadian Helwani has been associated with media like Fox, ESPN, HBO and NBC.

Born on 8 July 1982 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, he has won the MMA Journalist of the Year award since 2010 at World MMA Awards every year. He is best known for his coverage related to Mixed Martial Arts.

Helwani is the nephew of David Saad. He has constantly been working in martial arts and providing the fans with the latest news since 2006 despite being at odds with UFC.

Ariel Helwani Career Earnings

Ariel Helwani has earned 5 million dollars in his career as Sports Journalist. Ariel started his career as an intern at HBO in 2003.

The Host of MMA Hour has been the brand ambassador of BetMGM since 2021. He also works for BT Sport and Spotify-owned The Ringer.

The broadcast communication graduate has worked for Vox Media, LLC as a host, reporter, and writer for for six years since 2011.

The professional journalist also worked as a sports reporter at AOL for two years.

He then worked with Fox Sports for four years as a UFC reporter before getting banned for a lifetime due to an inner conflict with Dana White. 

UFC lifted the lifetime ban after being pressured by celebrities and fans around the globe.

Helwani during an award ceremony for the Sports Journalist of the year.
Helwani during an award ceremony for the Sports Journalist of the year. ( Source : instagram )

The reporter has earned his income and assets through his work in the media and communication sector. He has been active in the media and press platforms as a writer, reporter, and broadcaster since 2003.

Helwani At ESPN Sports

Ariel grew up Jewish and has been working full-time with ESPN as a host writer and reporter since 2018. 

The network has also supported the reporter's freedom of speech and has defended him from time to time against the backlash.

The professional media personality is in the final year of his contract with them, earning around $500 thousand in annual salary. 

But due to the cost-cutting environment at ESPN, many high-earning employees are asked to reduce their wages including Helwani.

The MMA reporter has had around a 5% to 10% of reduction in his annual salary but the discussion is still going on as both parties have yet to respond about it.

After the constant feud with UFC and Dana White, he suffered hardship in his income and professional life.

The frequent verbal attack from White for earning money off the fighters and forgetting the ethics of Journalism has kept him in the eye of social media trends for a longer time.

And now this pay-cut offer from ESPN has caused another impact on him and his annual earnings.

Ariel Helwani Salary Breakdown

Ariel Helwani has earned his salary from his more than 17 years of professional experience.

The MMA host Helwani with Brendan Loughnane.
The MMA host Helwani with Brendan Loughnane. ( Source : instagram )

The average salary of a broadcaster on ESPN is supposed to be around $68,000 yearly, in contrast to the average journalist's income in the United States.

On the other hand, the employee of Fox Sports, where Halwani worked for at least four years, are estimated of being paid around $65,000 yearly. At the same time, the former member of Fox was said to be paid an average of 60 thousand dollars annually during his six years tenure at Vox Media.