To destroy Arcane Turret BG3 you can use Sussur Blooms to temporarily disable them and then attack them with lightning damage spells.

Arcane Turrets are among the wildest opponents in Baldur's Gate 3. These floating machines are armed with powerful magical missiles that destroy your health swiftly.

They are very stagnant, making them easy to hit with ranged assaults such as arrows or even spells. To evade their magical missiles, try to keep out of their line of fire.

Hence, there are two ways to destroy or damage Arcane Turret BG3.

  • Using Sussur Flower Blooms
  • Deal Lightning Damage

Sussur Blooms emit an antimagic field that affects all magic in the area around them. Spells cannot be cast by you if you have any Sussur Blooms in your pocket. Nevertheless, you can take advantage of Sussur Blooms to turn off Arcane Turrets.

Toss Sussur Blooms so they land precisely adjacent to every Arcane Turret. Turn-based mode helps you evade continuous attacks when you are in the line of sight because your throws won't be effective unless you are close enough to the turret.

Arcane Turrets are also at risk of lightning damage. If you lack the Sussur Blooms necessary to turn off the turrets, you can deal lightning damage with spellcasters or scrolls.

Entering turn-based mode can let you get into position and attack without suffering constant turret damage.

BG3 Arcane Tower Turrets

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The Arcane Tower Turrets are a group of magical structures that protect the Arcane Tower in Baldur's Gate 3.

They have a revolving barrel at the top that shoots bolts of magical energy, giving them a cylindrical form.

Although the turrets are extremely resilient to impact from impact, they are susceptible to lightning damage. Sussur Blooms can also be thrown at them to momentarily cripple them.

There are two options for dealing with the Arcane Tower Turrets. Either you destroy them or disable them.

If you want to destroy them, this can be accomplished by imposing enough lightning damage on them. This can be difficult because the turrets are well-defended and have a lot of health.

Likewise, if you wish to disable them, simply throw Sussur Blooms at them. Sussur Blooms are flowers with anti-magic properties that bloom in the Underdark. When a Sussur Bloom collides with an Arcane Tower Turret, it temporarily disables it.

But if you disable the turrets, you can either sneak past them or destroy them while they are down.

To destroy a BG3 Arcane Turret, you must deal sufficient lightning damage to it. They are resistant to physical damage but vulnerable to lightning damage.

To harm them, you can employ lightning spells or weaponry. You can deal a lot of damage to the turret rapidly if you wield a high-level lightning spell, such as Chain Lightning or Lightning Bolt.

If you don't have any lightning spells, you can damage the turret with a lightning weapon. The Lightning Longsword and the Lightning Staff are two excellent lightning weapons.

Because the turret's back is less armored than its front, assaulting it from behind will deal more damage.

Baldurs Gate 3 Arcane Tower Power Generator

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The Arcane Tower Power Generator is an essential part of Baldur's Gate 3 Arcane Cannon. It is responsible for the tower's defenses, including the Arcane Turrets, and must be turned off in order to completely explore the tower.

The power generator, which is located in the basement of the Arcane Tower, is a massive intimidating device with glowing arcane symbols. A direct approach is harmful because it is guarded by multiple Arcane Turrets.

You must locate and interact with a Sussur Bloom, a rare plant that produces disruptive anti-magic energy, in order to deactivate the power generator.

Once you've obtained the Sussur Bloom, approach the power generator and merge it with the bloom. This will start a cutscene that will stop the power generator and turn off the Arcane Turrets throughout the tower.

You can watch the video attached below to learn how to turn on the Baldur's Gate 3 Power Generator.

To complete your investigation of the Arcane Tower, you must disable the power generator.

It enables you to enter previously restricted sections and face Lenore, the tower's enigmatic tenant, without fear of Arcane Turret fire.

Likewise, to turn on the generator in the tower, a Sussur Bloom must be added to the power generator in the tower basement.

A Sussur Bloom can be found in several locations throughout Baldur's Gate 3. Right outside the basement entrance, next to the blue tree, there is a blossom.

If you're already in the basement, just stroll outdoors to get the bloom. Head over to the Power Generator with the flower in your inventory and interact with the console.

There is only one slot for loading material into the machine. Drag the Sussur Bloom to this slot and press "combine" to start a cutscene.

You can utilize the elevators to navigate around the Arcane Tower now that the entire structure is powered up again. Moreover, even the Arcane Turrets will be turned off.

You must climb the Tower's left-side cliffs in order to access the Arcane Tower basement with the Power Generator. As you proceed in this route, have each member of your group jump one at a time until you reach the lower levels.

There is a door at the base of the cliff that goes straight to the power generator and basement of Arcane Tower. Make sure to remove the Sussur Bloom from the outside and add it to the generator.

You will have access to the entire tower, and after you've found everything you need, just head to Baldur's Gate 3 to continue on to the next area of the BG3 Arcane Turret Underdark.

Best Build For Wyll BG3

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Wyll is a starting character in Baldur's Gate 3 that can be utilized as the player's main character or recruited as the player progresses through the game.

This character will be encountered quite early in the game, outside of the Emerald Grove, when the player must battle some Goblins.

After killing the Goblins, the player can enter the Hollow and locate him near several Tiefling children. After speaking with him, the player has the option of hiring him as a companion.

The best build for Wyll BG3 is as follows:

Wyll's Starting Ability Points:
Strength: 8
Dexterity: 13
Constitution: 14
Intelligence: 13
Wisdom: 10
Charisma: 17

Ideal Ability Points:
Strength: 10
Dexterity: 14
Constitution: 16
Intelligence: 8
Wisdom: 10
Charisma: 16

Customized the Skills and just tick on the following:

The best Spells for Wyll's build in BG3 are:
Hold Person
Hunger Of Hadar

Best Items:
The Potent Robe
The Baneful
Duellist’s Prerogative

Talking about the gameplay, this build plays very combative, closing the distance on enemies with Eldritch Blast and then confronting them in melee combat.

Devil's Sight grants you the ability to see in magical darkness, which you can generate with the Darkness spell to gain an advantage over your opponents.

Agonizing Blast and Repelling Blast increases the potency of your Eldritch Blast, letting you do more damage and force foes away from you.

Hence, this build has the ability to deliver a lot of damage to enemies, both from afar with Eldritch Blast as well as in melee combat with Pact Weapon.

It is quite adaptable and can be played in a variety of methods. Wyll can be a front-line fighter, a backline caster, or a hybrid of the two.

Because of Wyll's strong Dexterity and the Armor of Agathys spell, this build is relatively tanky. The powers of the Fiend Warlock complement Wyll's strong Charisma score.