Andy Murray Sponsor AMC on his shirt refers to Andy Murray x Castore. Andy and Castore struck a 50-50 partnership to create the sportswear.

Murray is a British tennis player born in Glasglow, Scotland. The 3-time Grandslam winner is now playing his 15th Wimbledon Championship.

Andy will try to bag his third victory at his home country's largest tennis competition this year. Moreover, he won the US Open once in 2012 but has never tasted the victory at French and Australian Open yet.

Murray was ranked world number one for 42 weeks. Since turning professional in 2005, the veteran tennis player has won 46 single titles so far.

Andy has suffered several painful injuries including his knee injury that forced him to retire from Rogers Cup and his hip injury, which he openly acknowledged could be a possible reason for his early retirement.

Amidst all the talks of his injury and retirement, the British tennis player is still going strong at Wimbledon and fans have noticed his AMC sponsorship quite well.

Andy Murray Clothing Sponsor and AMC Logo

Andy Murray clothing sponsor AMC is jointly owned by himself and Castore. Murray partnered with Castore to create the lineup in 2019.

Murray played at the ongoing Wimbledon Championship 2023 wearing a huge AMC logo on his shirt. Murray faced Ryan Peniston in the first stage which resulted in the former champion beating Peniston in straight sets.

AMC on Andy Murray shirt and shorts is prominently present on his social media as well. The brand has been there for four years now after he signed with AMC in 2019 ahead of announcing his likely retirement from Australia.

Fortunately, Murray is still on the court and has the play left in him despite his injuries which helped him work his deal with AMC much better.

Murray wears AMC merch at Australian Open.
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Andy Murray Castore Deal

The prominent Castore deal was finalized in 2019 to create a line named Andy Murray X Castore (AMC). The deal involves equity and cash.

Murray and Castore left the cash sponsor deal off the table and worked their negotiation that gave the tennis player equity, royalties, and a small cash guarantee, according to a report from Forbes. They came together to build a new sportswear lineup as well.

Furthermore, the British tennis star also got to try new roles with the clothing company after starting AMC as a 50-50 joint venture. Andy is also involved in the operation and running of the venture hands-on.

Moreover, Murray also helped in every stage of the design process to produce the best quality sports clothing. He was involved in testing the products and giving feedback to the designers and developers as well.

Although it is unclear how much the deal is worth between Andy and Castore but their joint venture posted an estimated earning of $1 million in 2021 alone, in their second year of operation. Furthermore, Castore is valued at over $950 million.

Andy Murray Sponsorship Deals

Andy Murray deals include Rado, American Express, Head, and Prime Videos, among others. Murray earns over $5 million a year from sponsors.

Brand NameProduct
Castore (AMC)Clothing
Amazon Prime VideoDocumentary Film

Murray entered a deal with Swiss watch manufacturing company Rado in 2012. Rado announced Andy would be their brand ambassador for the summer of 2012.

Andy wore Rado D-Star 200 Automatic watch from the brand. The brand was also announced as the official timekeeper for the Aegon Queens tennis tournament that year when it struck a deal with the British tennis player.

The Racquet Manufacturer Head has been the official sponsor for Murray since the beginning of his professional career in 2006. According to Guardian, Murray and Head entered into initial agreements of over $1.2 million.

Muzza endorses Head's Radical Pro model and regularly appears in its advertisement and branding. However, his playing racquet is a modified pro stock PT57A wrapped in Radical Pro paint job. His custom racquet has a 16X19 string pattern.

Andy holds Head's racquet on his hands while playing at Wimbledon in 2021.
Source : instagram

Andy Murray AMC logo is a wing that sits right at his chest on his shirt. The 2-time Wimbledon champ wears clothing from his own sportswear.

Moreover, Murray was also signed to Amazon Prime Video which made a documentary film about him. The filming crew from Amazon was with Muzza during his Australian press conference where he said Castore would be his last sponsorship deal before retirement in 2019.

Famous sponsors like American Express, TRR Nutrition, Halo Sports Drink, Game4Padel, and many others have also struck deals with Murray. 

According to Forbes, he focused on equity and ownership deals rather than traditional cash negotiations and now has large investments in over 40 companies.

Who Are Castore Sportswear?

Castore is a sportswear company from the United Kingdom. Castore was founded by two brothers Thomas and Philip Beahon on July 6, 2015.

The sportswear manufacturer produces high-end athletic clothing for men, women, and kids. The company claims to use advanced engineering and technical fabrics to produce superior clothes for people and professional athletes.

Moreover, Castore is also involved in the research and development process partnered up with some industry specialists and top athletes to improve their products for everyone.

They currently offer sportswear for men, women, and kids. Their products range from t-shirts for men to tennis dresses for women. They also have a wide selection of clothes for everyone from a newborn to seniors available through their seven physical stores and digital store.

Andy wears AMC Hoodie while holding a platter of food.
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Castore currently sells its product in over 50 countries worldwide and has physical stores in England and Ireland. The 7-year-old company has struck deals with some of the top teams and individuals to expand their business.

Some of the notable teams with sponsorship deals with Castore include Aston Villa, Wolverhampton Wanderers, Newcastle United, Sevilla, England National Cricket Team, South Africa National Cricket Team, West Indies Cricket Team, McLaren Formula One, and Redbull Racing.

They also have numerous deals and contracts with individual players including golfer Matthew Fitzpatrick, swimmer Adam Peaty, and tennis player Lloyd Glasspool, among others.

Who Owns Castore?

Castore is not owned by Andy Murray but it is largely owned by two brothers Thomas and Philip Beahon with each holding an 18.59% share.

Apart from the two founding brothers and the tennis player Andy, there are 30 more shareholders in the company. The 3rd largest shareholder is Monte Group Ltd. holding a 15% stake in the sportswear manufacturer.

Other notable shareholders in the company include Robert Senior, Tom Singh, and Arnaud Massenet. Castore does not trade publicly on the stock market and its share value is not of public knowledge. However, with such huge deals, they might be near or above a billion-dollar mark.

Nonetheless, the British tennis player is not the only athlete with a personal clothing line. Destanni Henderson also has her own clothing line.

Castore Tennis Clothing Line

Castore Tennis clothing line is named AMC and offers everything from t-shirts for men to tennis gear for women. AMC starts at as low as $14.47.

Castore offers clothing for every sports and athletic activity from casual running to motorsports for both men and women. They also have similar products for newborns as well and have categories based on the age of children as well.

Andy wears AMC tennis shirts and shorts at the court.
Source : instagram

Some of the categories Castore currently has listed on its website include sweatshirts, polos, hoodies, tops, bottoms, joggers, leggings, and jackets. They have gender-specific lines to accommodate everyone effectively as well.

Moreover, the company provides shoes, golf bags with stands, and even socks required to keep a person athletic and active all day. In addition to the regular clothing line, they also have jerseys of all their affiliated teams available on their website and stores.