Alan Wake 2 missable trophies are Secret Stashes (Discover one Cult Stash and one Lunch Box) and Hidden by the Trees (Find all Cult Stashes and Lunch Boxes).

One of the few missable achievements in Alan Wake 2 is the trophy Secret Stashes.

It is quite simple to unlock the game as all the player needs to do is find one Cult Stash and one Lunch Box, but it is also very easily missed or carefree to engage with any of the Cult Stashes or Lunch Boxes that are scattered throughout the dark scene.

Even while it is practically hard to overlook every Cult Stash, it is much simpler to walk by a disregarded Lunch Box and miss the fact that it can be dealt with and might have some important resources.

In the same way, you must locate every Cult Stash and Lunch Box in order to open the Hidden by the Trees. Lunch Boxes have food and weapons, but Cult Stashes have even more important materials.

It's hard to achieve Hidden by the Trees and easy to miss. One of the most difficult feats in Alan Wake 2 is this trophy.

Both of them are dispersed across the game and can be located in different places. All Accounted For (Find all weapons for both characters) and The Nice Things in Life (Pet Mayor Setter) are also other missable trophies of Alan Wake II.

Alan Wake 2 point of no return have two points they are Alan Wake and Saga Anderson.

Alan Wake 2 Missable Collectibles

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Alan Wake 2 Missable Collectibles include the Koskela Brother Commercial - Adventure Tours, the Writer’s Journey Videos - The Dark Presence, the Writer’s Journey Videos - Initiation, and the Writer’s Journey Videos - Visions.

In Alan Wake II, there are more than 110 distinct collectibles in all. Most of these are optional and can be disregarded, while some will be provided to you as part of the main narrative.

Koskela Brother Commercial - Adventure Tours

You can find it in the "Return 3: Local Girl" mission's employee lounge in the Sheriff's Station.

Nevertheless, Sage won't be able to return to spark the commercial if she doesn't enter the staff lounge before the chapter ends.

As a result, the player will not be able to obtain the collectible or the achievements of discovering all six Koskela Brother commercials.

Writer’s Journey Videos - The Dark Presence

The first Writer's Journey Video - The Dark Presence, is a particularly terrifying peek inside the unstable psyche of a writer on the brink. You can find it at the end of the chapter Initiation 1: Late Night.

The Writer's Journey Video: The Dark Presence is easily overlooked, even though it is the first in a series of videos of this kind.

Alan will not be able to go back to it, and because of that reason, the chance to view it will be lost if it is not activated before the conclusion of the Initiation 5: Room 665 chapter.

Writer’s Journey Videos - Initiation

Like many other pieces in this series, the last Writer's Journey Video - Initiation, is not only easily missed, but also missable.

Exclusive to Initiation 8: Zane's film, Writer's Journey video, the mission's third loop is when initiation can be set off.

To play, the player must find a door in the Projector Room that is located beneath an exit sign. By opening this door, the player will be able to access the video.

Writer’s Journey Videos - Visions

It can only be found in room 101 of the Ocean View Hotel during the "Initiation 5: Room 665" mission, making it missable.

It won't be possible to watch the video in room 101 after this assignment since the television will vanish. Finding the room 101 key is the first step towards watching the video.

The hotel's second-floor break room is where you can find the key. After obtaining the key, proceed to room 101 and switch on the TV.

You will have to restart the game in order to watch the Writer's Journey Video - Visions if you miss it.

Alan Wake 2 Rifle Location

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Alan Wake 2 Rifle is located in the security room of the Wellness Center. Afterward, take a doorknob from the receptionist's office, use it on a door, and take the rifle out of a locker. The answer to the riddle is 170823.

Alan Wake 2 Hunting Rifle is a formidable weapon that may be used to destroy attackers with swiftness and efficacy. It works extremely well against foes who have been taken. But use your hunting rifle guns carefully as it is really very limited.

You can equip the Hunting Rifle by hitting the weapon selection button once you have got it. Press the fire button to discharge the firearm and Press the aim button to aim down the sights.

Alan Wake 2 Sheriff Station Shotgun has a strong pump-action shotgun hidden away in his office. You must work out a cipher puzzle in order to unlock it.

Alan Wake 2 Come Up With A New Plan

Alan Wake 2 Come up with a new plan is the name of the key mission task from the chapter Return 6.

After defeating Scratch at the Sheriff's Station yard, you must devise a new plot to free Alan Wake from the Dark Place.

You must first discuss this with Casey and Estevez at the Sheriff's Station in order to gather further information. They will provide you with some hints on what you should do, but you will have to put them all together to create a comprehensive plan.

Then, you must present your idea to Casey and Estevez once you have one. You will be allowed to go on to the next chapter of the game if they accept your plan but you will have to devise a new plan if they reject your current one.

You can come up with a new plan like; Using the cell key from the prison to free Alan Wake from the Dark. Traveling to the Dark Place in search of an escape to destroy the Darkness, as well as rescuing and returning Alan Wake to the actual world.

You will start getting more ideas yourself after you start playing the game and can make any plans.

Alan Wake 2 Inventory Upgrades

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Alan Wake 2 Inventory Upgrades is similar to that of larger backpacks. By traveling the world and figuring out puzzles, you can locate them.

There are basically just 2 ways to find upgrades for inventory. By finding words of power, you can find these unique symbols buried throughout the game. 

Hence, you can use the points you receive from finding Words of Power to purchase upgrades. An inventory upgrade is one of the improvements you can purchase.

Another is by finding cult stashes. These are secret supply caches filled with various goods, together with inventory upgrades.

You can equip it from the inventory menu after you have an inventory upgrade and you can also replace inventory upgrades as needed because they are not everlasting.

Alan Wake 2 cult stash Bright Falls has around 18 hidden cults. These stashes hold invaluable treasures like guns, ammunition, and medical supplies. Look for unusual items and places, such as abandoned sheds, vehicles, and trailers, to locate a Cult Stash.

Alan Wake 2 200 Vehicles

Alan Wake 2 200 Vehicles is a math puzzle where players must figure out how many cars are in a factory with 200 total vehicles and 754 total wheels.

Alan Wake 2 vehicle puzzle solution is 177. So, to open the car and bike stash the code that you need to put is 1 7 7 since the number of cars in the factory is also 177.